Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update of August 4th, 2009

Hello again!
Today I've been working hard on the program. This morning I met with Mrs. Haynes to seriously discuss which books I will use. I am glad to say that I have it narrowed down to 9 books combining both cultures.
Two of the books Mrs. Haynes has in the library, so she checked them out for me to look at. So tonight, mom and I spent some time looking for the other 7 books. I really hope to find them in store(or library), so that I do not have to order them. We checked at Borders first. They did not have any. Then, we went to Encore. They had had one of the books in store....4 years ago! So they did not have any either. The man there was very helpful though. He suggested that we look at the Howe Library. I was also given the opportunity to introduce my program to him and ask about any discount they could give me if I ordered through them. Since the WRS has an account with them, I will be able to order through that. Thus, recieving 20% off of the order.
So, we went to the Howe Library. The woman at the desk was very nice. She looked up all 7 books and they had 2 of them. I was glad to be able to see these two, since they were two I really wanted to see. I also found 2 more books that I wanted to take more time to look through. So, we asked about checking out. However, for an out-of-town resident to get a card it is $50 for 3 months or $120 for a year. Mom and I decided that we wouldn't get enough use out of the card. So, I got the titles and authors to look for the books elsewhere.
It was a bit discouraging, but I feel like we did make some progress.
I will try to get an updated list of books that I am looking further into tonight.

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