Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Spring Reading Thing 2010

Welcome one and all!! *wink*

So, today I wanted to post about this little reading contest that I just found. It is The Spring Reading Thing 2010. Now, this is running from March 20 - June 20, 2010. There is no minimum or maximum to the amount of books needed on your list. So, if you want to join, which you should, you better get going! LOL! All you need to do is sign up on Katrina's blog: Callapidder Days. All of the official direction are there and the Mr. Linky to sign up, too!!

So, without further ado, here's my list:

1) The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway

2) A Soldier's Reunion - Cheryl Wyatt

3) Latte Trouble - Cleo Coyle

4) Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder - Joanne Fluke

5) Crime Brulee - Nancy Fairbanks

6) A Time for Dancing - Davida Wills Hurwin

7) Sushi for One? - Camy Tang

8) Between Friends - Debbie Macomber

9) Deadly Vows - Shirlee McCoy

10) Fatal Secrets - Barbara Phinney

11) The Farther You Run - Davida Wills Hurwin

12) Soldier Daddy - Cheryl Wyatt

So, there you have it folks! I don't know if it will be a challenge or not to get all 12 books read through the last couple weeks of my senior year of high school, but we'll see. I also want to point out that on the list in the sidebar, I will strike-out the book title once I read it. Now, when you see that, you won't be totally confused! LOL! I highly recommend any and all of you that have the time to try and participate in this fun challenge! I reiterate that there is no minimum or maximum to the amount of books for your list. Do what you think you can do, or challenge yourself to how many you think you can do. This is meant to be fun, so please make it fun for yourself!!

Let me know if you sign up because I definitely want to see your list!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello again!!!

I wanted to put up a little post about a new program I have been introduced to: Prezi. This is pure geniusness! Seriously, you'll all have to check it out. My english teacher informed our class that Powerpoint is out in the college world, so you need to find a difference {and better, wasn't actually said, but you could tell he meant it *wink*} way to present your information. Hence, Prezi. Prezi, found at, is a new way to present "stuff". Basically, you get a blank "slate" (I'll call it). There is no limitation to size (big or small), width, or height. Instead of slides, everything is organized on this slate, allowing you unlimited space, unlike slides. You really need to just check it out and play around with it. It's very simple to figure it out and is probably shorter to use than to make a Powerpoint or Smartboard presentation. There is a tutorial video, if you want to watch it. It is helpful.

Here is a Prezi that I recently made for my presentation on Cole Porter:

If you click on "Cole Porter" that is linked below it, it will take you onto the site where my prezi is found. Here you can also see it with a better/fuller screen, whereas here it is cut off a bit. Hope you like it (and maybe even learned something!!)!

I'm crossing my fingers that this works, otherwise I will give you the link to see it. If anyone wants anymore information on this or help getting started/in general with it, let me know! If I can answer it, I most certainly will *wink*
Talk to you all soon,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Weekend, News, and a Couple Awesome Songs!!!


Sorry I haven't put up a new post for awhile. With the end of the year and ultimately graduation coming up, things are crazy!! So, today I just have some news and fun things to share with you.

Alicia (you all know she's my sister, right?!) and I won yesterday's match, 6-1, 6-2. Then today we also won and we bagelled (or donuted as Katelyn says *wink*) them, in tennis lingo, that's 6-0, 6-0! Next week I play with another girl, home, on Monday. This is also our senior day, since it's the last home match! That means that the underclassmen are supposed to do "something" for their seniors *wink* We'll see what they have up their sleeves...with my sis as part of them, there's no telling what they'll do!! Then, Alicia and I (probably) will be playing together on our away match Tuesday. That's the last match during the season. We will have play-offs the following week however, and Alicia and I know that we will be playing in that. Fun times!

School. Is. Crazy! We're hectic in the last couple (yes, only couple) weeks of school left. I have some assignments that I'm working on including a presentation on Cole Porter, a term paper on literary criticism and theory, and writing a commencement speech for my english class (while you're there check out this speech too!). The cool thing about the commencement speech is that we usually have 3 speeches at graduation: #1 and #2 ranked in our class and the president. However, the #2 and president is the same girl! So, we only have 2 speeches so far. Now, our principal is going to choose one of our speeches to use at graduation also! So, right now I'm in a competition of about 18. However, they might open it up more, so the number might go up. I am starting to really think about the approach I want to use, so that it's good. Maybe some of you had to present speeches at your graduation! Anyone??

Another thing that I really wanted to show you all was this video. This is one of my friends. This is her video audition for Glee. As some of you might know, there were auditions held to fill three, yes three, positions on Glee. This is her audition:

Keep Holding On

Glee MySpace Video

Isn't she AMAZING??!?! I love every opportunity I get to listen to her. Here's the link to check out more of the Glee auditions! Unfortunatley, voting is closed now, but it's still really cool to check out all these talented people! However, I still think Becca's the BEST!!!!

I hope this post made up for my lack lately!! LOL! I'm hoping to do posts a little more frequently or at least update you better! *wink* Soon *crosses fingers* I will be holding an awards banquet. So, you all can be super excited for that. Anyone have any food requests??? I'll be sure to get it *wink*

So, until next time, have a great weekend, relax, and happy reading!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thesis, thesis, thesis! (Think the cha-cha-cha song)


Lol! I'm SO excited to announce that my thesis paper, bound and delivered, is back to me!

*and the crowds go wild!*

It looks beautiful, crisp, and new. I am SO pleased with how it turned out.

What do YOU think?

I was trying to get my pictures posted and they weren't being nice, so the pictures are coming soon!

I can't WAIT to show you all : )
Talk to you soon,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blogger Buddie's....

Hi again,
I wanted to put up a quick post asking everyone to scroll down past my blog awards and admire some of my blog buddie's buttons!! I just got them up and think they look great!

: )

Also, if you click on them, it'll take you right to their blog, so check it out! They're all spectacular and their blogs are too, obviously...

; P

Have fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Banner!!

Hi again!

Wow, two in one day ; )

Anyway, I've been busy making a banner for Project Journal. It's up!! Please take it to your blog and post it up. Also, let me know if you take, then I can try and take yours : ) (You can use the Cbox! Lol!)

Talk to you again soon,

Chat away!

Hi everyone!!
Since I'm getting more followers and I think it's really cool, I've enabled something called a "Cbox". If you look over to your right (though I'm sure you've already noticed), you will see a box. I've already entered one message. All you have to do is put in your name, email or url, and your message. It will automatically pop up like the one I already did.

PLEASE use this! can ask me questions, post a really quick message if you don't have time to stay for a comment, and interact with the other people that come to my blog. I have noticed on other blogs that the different people don't talk much, usually everything is directed at the blog owner. Why can't we all address each other? So, I thought maybe this would help everyone do this easier.

So, how about everyone who stops by and reads this posts a message? You can also leave a comment because I LOVE to read your comments, but try out the Cbox. Be my guest!!
Talk to you soon, can't WAIT to read your messages!!