Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My First Video Post - Traditional Irish Music!!

Hello everyone!
We have a snow day today {unfortunately}, so I'm working on some things for my project. I have a presentation for the Honors Commitee tomorrow at 1:30, so you all can be thinking of me!

Anyway, I was looking on YouTube and came across a video of traditional Irish music. I will probably be using it during my presentation, so I thought I would try posting it and see if I figured out how to post a video at the same time! By the way, if this works, I will post a video of people kissing the Blarney Stone that I showed the students in class. It's kind of neat : )

Without further ado...the video of traditional Irish music *grin and crossing fingers*

Thanks for watching, lemme know what you thought!

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's been a while...

It has, hasn't it?! I hope you all haven't forgotten about me since it's been so long : )

I've been on February Break this week and I've been busy. My mom, sister, and I went to Plymouth State University on Monday, Castleton State College on Tuesday, and Colby-Sawyer College on Wednesday!

Between that I have been busy paper-macheing (is that even a word!?) my three pinatas for the family celebration that's coming up,

(No, this ISN'T what MY pinatas look like!!)

reading Crime and Punishment for AP English, and

cleaning the house (some of you will appreciate this one out there *wink*)!!

This morning I went to the doctors for a double doctor appointment, one with my normal doctor the second with my headache doctor. The first one went fine and he gave me the referal I needed to go somewhere else (woohoo!). The second told me that we're going to take a "medication holiday" because the medication isn't helping at all with my headaches, unfortunately. The medication I've been on for the past 2ish months has actually caused me to gain quite a bit of weight, no fun! So, we're stopping this right away.

Okay, so that gets you caught up on a little bit about why I've been gone and what I've been up to. : ) Now for some really exciting news about my project/program.

Drum roll please!! *drum roll*

In October of 2009, I entered myself into a very presitigious scholarship for community service called The Prudential Spirit of Community Service Awards. Doesn't it just sound hoity-toity!? Lol! Anyway, I just found out the results!! It turns out that two from each state and the District of Columbia are named State Honorees, which entails $1,000 and a trip to Washington D.C. this spring where the top 10 volunteers in the counrty will be announced. Taken from the website:
"In addition to the State Honorees, the program’s judges recognized 234 students nationwide as Distinguished Finalists for their impressive community service activities. Each will receive an engraved bronze medallion. More than 500 other applicants were awarded Certificates of Excellence for their volunteer work."
(If you wante to read more of this article, click here for the complete article)
So, I was named as one of the Distinguished Finalists for Vermont. Actually, I was the top Distinguished Finalist, which means I get a bronze metal and do not go to Washington D.C. unfortunately. Here is a copy of my announcement:


I haven't recieved my metal yet, but you will definitely know when I do! I did, however, get a letter in the mail from Governor James Douglas, Governor of Vermont (for those who don't/didn't know, lol!)! This was pretty cool! So, here's a copy of that letter:

By the way, if you click on either of the letters, you will be able to actually read them. Blogger can't get them big enough in this format without you actually having to click on them, though. It might be worth your time for some of you to read them. Your choice, I think it's pretty cool! Not every day you get a letter from the Governor!! ; )

Okay, I really think that's all my news for now. Thank you for those few stragglers left with me at the end of this! LOL!
P.S. I added The Prudential Spirit of Community Service Awards website into my links if you want to check it out. There is also a really cool page that I added as a seperate link that features me : ) (Click here to view MY page!!) While you're on the website, you can also look up your own state and see who the kids are that were awarded and what their activity was. Have fun! Thanks for the support!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last reminder

I'm back again to remind you one last time to...


And if you complete this task, I will be back with a fun post later : )

Monday, February 8, 2010

Poll extended!

Okay, anyone who hasn't gotten their vote in....get it in!!!!



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Check out the poll!!

The new poll is up and running! Please take a minute to check it out and make your vote(s). Your opinion really does/will matter in the final decision.
Thanks a bunch!

Where is everyone!?

I don't know where everyone is!?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm trying to get a poll up. It will not save right now, but I will try and get it up later. So, check back soon for that!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sorry for the delay!!!!

I am SO sorry that I've been gone for so long! Ahhhhh! I haven't liked it and I'm really gonna try and be better, I promise! So, PLEASE forgive me!

Now how you gonna ignore a face like that?!

Anyway, back to the point of this blog! (heehee) A whole other week has gone by again! It doesn't seem possible does it? I don't think so! Last week we made Papel Cotado or "cut paper" in class. The kids loved it! Let me tell you! If you ever need a fun craft for kids, do this. It's just like snowflakes that we make at Christmas time here.

Above is a very elaborate picture of what would be MANY papel cortado's in the streets of Mexico. Ours do not look exactly like this, but they do look awesome! I am SO impressed by how they turned out. Alicia helped me hang them on string and they are hung above and below the bulletin board in the hallway. I will try and take some pictures and get them up soon to show you all.

As far as the take-home portion, it is going well. All materials have been returned. Only one book (between both Ireland and Mexico books) has fallen apart so far : ) I'm glad only one has fallen apart (trying to look on the bright side of things), it's better than a whole bunch!

What's on the upcoming agenda?
- 2 weeks left in classroom: this week and next week
- February vacation
- 1 week: send home reminder of Family Celebration and RSVP
- March 1st: Family Celebration

That's about how it's going to wrap up, I think. Sorry for this being such a long post. I've been having longer posts to catch you all up instead of short ones all the time. Which do you prefer? Thanks for stopping by. Once again I'd like to express my gratitude for everyone hanging in there and supporting me. You don't know what it means to me to actually have people reading this stuff! It's exciting for me and all the kids (even though they don't really know you! LOL! The kids below appreciate YOU!)!! ; )

Thanks again!