Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is that a...cell phone!? Are you a....time traveller!? that title : ) Happy Thursday to one and all!! And a good day it is (pretty much) because tomorrow I get to head back home again! Lol....

I just found this video. It was highlighted on The Early Show yesterday, I think. Some of you might have already seen it, but I really wanted to post it in case you hadn't! It's crazy.....

To read this post, you must extend your disbelief because it is very disbelievable. So please bear with me and use your IMAGINATION!

George Clarke, an up-and-coming film maker, bought a collection of Charlie Chaplin's movies. Included in the bonus features was about the premier of 'The Circus'. It featured live black and white footage of the actual premier. However, Clarke supposedly found something interesting/unusual in the footage, but kept it for himself trying to decipher what it actually was. Well, he finally decided to release what he found so that others could help him figure out what it really is. So, here's the clip (no, you don't need to watch the entire 1:19, but watch as much as you need to!):

So....what do you think? First of all, I want to point out that this premier took place in 1928, just to give you a time point. Well Clarke and others think that it very well could be a cell phone. At least that is what it appears to be. At the time there were small trumpet looking devices that acted as a microphone, enhancing sound. However, the way she's walking with it and what appears to be talking into it, don't make sense. The last theory, and no I am not making this up, is that she is a time traveller. Yes, 'tis true my friends. No, you didn't hear me wrong. They seriously think it could be a time what are some things that don't make sense abotu it (other than the's a CELL PHONE!?)

- reception
- Who would they be calling?
- Would it really work across decades?
- Why aren't people there in that time making a bid deal about it??

I just wanted to share that with you folks and see what you think! Tell me your thoughts people and vote on the poll!! If you're interested in watching the original video from George Clarke see it HERE

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another short, but EXCITING post!!! ( least for me, *grin*)

Okay last week I had my first college exam EVER!!!! No, it was not that exciting, lol! Anyway, I recieved my test back today and guess what I got on it....??????

Can I get a WOOT, WOOT *puts microphone to the crowd, hand to ear* WHAT??? I can't hear YOU!!!!

Lol....the "Mid" grade is my midterm grade too. So I am very happy with both. Room for improvement, but if that was my final grade, for example, I'd be completely content lol.

Just had to let you guys know!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Book Review: Still House Pond

Still House PondStill House Pond by Jan Watson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jan Watson's Still House Pond was phenomenal. It was a little tricky to get into, but part of that might have been because I started it in a loud dining hall. Lol! However, once started, she threw many twists and turns at the reader. I was always wondering what would happen next.

One part of this book that not everyone likes, I've learned from reading other reviews, is that fact that the chapters alternate between the three main female character: Copper (the mom), Lilly (Copper's daughter), and Manda (Copper's "working girl"). I, however, thought after getting the hang of it and really figuring out the characters that this was a very smart way to write this book. Each of these women are very different, so it was nice to see the different perspectives. It made it a bit confusing in the beginning, but as I said once you get a firm grip of who each of the characters are and their relationships, it makes for a very entertaining read.

I will most definitely be looking into Jan's other books. I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

Here you go!! You all wanted book reviews, so here's book review number one! Please check this out, you will absolutely not be disappointed, I guarantee it.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Construction on Blog

Hey everyone,
So during my "free time" I'm going to try revamping up my blog. So as you can tell, I already figured out how to add a page to the top *big grin* It took a while, but I got it and am VERY pleased with the results! Soon to come will be another page with all my Blogger awards. I think it will be nice to switch them all over to one concrete place instead of taking up SO much space on this "Home" page.

I had three reasons that I wanted to put out this post.

1) To warn you!! LOL!

2) To let you know ahead of time that it might be the reason I'm not blogging as much. I want to get the blog looking great then, hopefully, dive right back into blogging more. So if you feel so inclined and haven't heard anything from me on the blog, pop in from time-to-time and see if there's anything new going on!

3) Is there anything you'd like to see on my blog?? I won't necessarily take every comment, but I will take them wholeheartedly, then figure out which ones are best for me. So please I'm all ears!!

Really! I do want to know....please....

( can you resist that face!?)

Okay, sorry for such a short post about...not that much! I just wanted to let you know : )

And now for some good Thursday news!! I got back my personal narrative in Writing today and I got a 95% on it!!! YAY!!!


Okay talk to you later!!
And remember....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Link to the Much Awaited AWARDS BANQUET!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
I am so thrilled to announce that the AWARDS BANQUET is officially complette!!!! It has been posted, but posted it way back when I worked on it instead of now, so I am providing the link and you can go join the party!!

Awards Banquet!

Can't wait to see you there and hear what you think!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ahead of schedule....

Okay, so I'm posting this AHEAD of schedule this time ; )
Taken from Alaine's blog:

"October is one of my favourite months of the year, not only is it my birthday but it also seems to be when the publishers start to release all the must have reads prior to Christmas. I often find that prior to this time of year I have a bit of a reading lull but then suddenly the shelves are filled with must haves again.

I've been thinking for a few months of various ways I can change the comp a little bit. I have a few followers who always comment on my blog and I wanted to think of a way to thank them, I was going to do it last month but didn't get time. So this month on the last day of the month which is Halloween, whoever has their name on the left hand side bar under 'Look Who's Talking' will also be eligible to win one of the books above. So that it is fair to everyone, only comments made on posts that go up in October will be counted and only one comment per post. So that means that I will give away two books this month and who knows, if you're lucky you could win two books. Also, if you have a Kindle and would like to win your book in the Kindle version (if there is one) then put that in your comment and that's how you will get it.

Now to the hard part, selecting which book you'd like! Each month I visit Fantastic Fiction for all the 'coming soon' books and select my giveaways from their list; it's a great site, so go and check them out for all the latest news. Read the bottom of this post for how to enter and how to get extra entries.

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts - As the public face of Vows wedding planning company, Parker Brown has an uncanny knack for fulfilling every bride's vision. She just can't see where her own life is headed. Mechanic Malcolm Kavanaugh loves figuring out how things work, and Parker is no exception. Both know that moving from minor flirtation to major hook-up is a serious step. Parker's business risks have always paid off, but now she'll have to take the chance of a lifetime with her heart.

This book is the final in the Bride Quartet and I can't wait to read it. It's due out around my birthday so hopefully it will be on the shelves in time. This has been a fun series to read and it introduced me to Nora Roberts, an author that I hadn't read much of previously.

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead - Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice. Now, with Rose on trial for her life and Lissa first in line for the Royal Throne, nothing will ever be the same between them.

The final book in the Vampire Academy series and I have to say that I cannot wait to read it. What is going to happen to Rose and Dimitri??? These books are not romance novels so we are certainly not guaranteed any kind of happy ending. This book will be pre-ordered for you as it's due out early December, but at least you know that you'll have it as soon as it's released. If you haven't read any books from this series and want the first book instead of book 6 then I will happily purchase that for you instead (just mention it in the comment).

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick - The sequel to the New York Times Best selling phenomenon, Hush, Hush!

Nora should have know her life was far from perfect. Despite starting a relationship with her guardian angel, Patch (who, title aside, can be described anything but angelic), and surviving an attempt on her life, things are not looking up. Patch is starting to pull away and Nora can't figure out if it's for her best interest or if his interest has shifted to her arch-enemy Marcie Millar. Not to mention that Nora is haunted by images of her father and she becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened to him that night he left for Portland and never came home.

The farther Nora delves into the mystery of her father's death, the more she comes to question if her Nephilim blood line has something to do with it as well as why she seems to be in danger more than the average girl. Since Patch isn't answering her questions and seems to be standing in her way, she has to start finding the answers on her own. Relying too heavily on the fact that she has a guardian angel puts Nora at risk again and again. But can she really count on Patch or is he hiding secrets darker than she can even imagine?

Now I haven't read the first book in this series yet, but I will very soon because everyone has assured me I'll love it. I know it has many fans so I had to include it in this months giveaway.

Water Bound by Christine Feehan - The last thing Lev Prakenskii remembered was being lost in the swirling currents of a freezing black eddy off the coastal town of Sea Haven. Just as quickly, just as miraculously, he was saved—pulled ashore by a beautiful stranger. But Lev has no memory of who he is—or why he seems to possess the violent instincts of a trained killer. All he knows is that he fears for his life, and for the life of his unexpected savior.

Her name is Rikki, a sea-urchin diver in Sea Haven. She has always felt an affinity for the ocean, and for the seductive pull of the tides. And now she feels drawn in the same way to the enigmatic man she rescued. But soon they will be bound by something even stronger, and their tantalizing secrets will engulf them both in a whirlpool of dizzying passion and inescapable danger.

I'm a lover of Christine Feehan's books even though I haven't had time to read many this year. But I was very excited to discover that this is a new series, Sisters of the Heart, and available on Kindle. I've already put it on my Kindle and will read it as soon as I've finished my current read.

Here's how to enter:
Competition is only open to followers of this blog. (so if you're not a follower & you'd like to enter just click on the follow button on the right hand side of my blog)

Leave a comment, with an email address telling me which book you'd like to win or if you'd prefer the Amazon Voucher!

+2 entries post about this give-away on your blog & leave a link
+1 entry post the comp on sidebar of your blog
+1 entry post the comp on Twitter & leave a link

Competition is International. It ends October 31st and the winner will be announced on this blog. Good luck to everyone!"

Just wanted to let you know about this awesome contest!!