Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Right now....

In the next few minutes I am headed to school to bring Mrs. Haynes some of the books that she hasn't read yet. I have had a few people read the books so far including Mrs. Haynes, Mom, Alicia(my sister), and myself. I feel like I get a good range of comments this way.

I have been working on the project a lot lately! Not only because it is right around the corner(ahh!), but also because I am going to be very limited in what I can do coming up. This Thursday, I am having the second of my carpal tunnel surgeries. My right hand is doing pretty well. It's healing, but the process is very slow. I have restrictions for 4 weeks right now that have to do with writing, typing, how much weight I can lift...things like that. The start of school is going to be difficult, I think! Today, I am meeting with my guidance counselor and the school nurse to make my accomadations for the first full month of school at least.

More updates to come...stay tuned!

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