History of Project Journal

I wanted to put up a page detailing the history of this blog. So here goes nothing!

This used to be my blog journaling my way through my high school Honors Program Thesis Project. However, now that I've graduated high school, I have completed this project and am so happy to announce that it was a complete success!!

My project was called Hannah's READ Program (Reading Encourages Academics and Diversity). I worked with the whole first grade in my old elementary school to complete three goals: 1) create better family ties 2) help students to learn about cultures different from their own that they would not normally know about growing up in rural Vermont and 3) get them excited about reading at a young age! These children signed up voluntarily to complete two different sessions of five weeks each. The first session revolved around Ireland and the second was Mexico. The assignment outside of class was to read a book and complete an activity, whether it was writing a fable, playing a game, or drawing a picture. Then throughout the course of these five weeks, I was also coming into the classroom once a week to further develop their knowledge of the culture. We listened to music, made a pinata, and even learned some words in a different language! For the in-class portion, all the students in both classes participated. To conclude both sessions, I held a Familiy Celebration open to any family and all the student participants. They each recieved a certificate for completing the project, we tried new foods, and even had entertainment (my sister Irish step danced for the Ireland Celebration!!).

The title of this blog refers to the requirement for our thesis projects to keep a journal of events and progress throughout the course of the two years. I did not know how to complete this because I knew I wouldn't be faithful with writing it (like a diary) or typing it out. Luckily my lovely advisor, Mrs. Haynes, suggested blogging. To this day, I am thrilled that she suggested this because of the success of my journaling and the amazing people I have met along the way!

At graduation one award is given out to the highest achiever in the honors program. It is given out to only one graduating senior in the honors program who has completed everything. For the graduating class of 2010, Hannah Cerasoli (yes, that's me!!) was awarded this prestigous award!

All posts dated before July 2010 may have something to do with my project. I encourage you, if you have some time, to please go back to the beginning and work your way forward. My story really unfolds with some surprises along the way!