Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who Am I?

Who am I? Who is this person really? I am Hannah Elizabeth Cerasoli, newly 20-years-old, college student, cashier, substitute teacher, long term babysitter. Brought up as a "good, Vermont woman" with established morals and values. I can respect myself for that. I am usually a kind, caring individual that wishes she could protect every single one of 'my people', take their pain away. However, I battle this demon that we call The Big D. It is always there trying to skew my judgement and provoke my fears to take flight. Failing out of college. Letting down my friends and family. Being alone the rest of my life. Never fully being able to show the world who this amazing person is or can be. So I am strong for myself. I fight the beast and its' friend Negativity every single day. I am not that confident, but I am working on it. Always working on it. Working on myself to see this amazing person that I know I am. I would sum it up that I am a fighter. I am a survivor of myself, of my past, of life itself.