Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open House

Hi everyone!
Last night was Open House at the elementary school where I am doing the program. I copied the parent letter and contracts to hand out to the parents and kids. I, actually, stayed in the library for the whole time. Mrs. Langley and Mrs. Ehret handed the papers out in their classrooms, which made it much easier for me to not be in two classrooms at once! Alicia helped me make signs to put up in the classrooms which read "Come into the Library and talk with Hannah about the READ Program" or something along those lines. Unfortunately, only one parent came to talk with me. However, she signed up for it on the spot even though it isn't due back until next Tuesday! I was joking that I should frame it because it is the first sign-up! Lol!

I understand why a lot of people probably didn't have enough time to talk with me about it. Chances are they didn't have time to read the letter until they got home. The teachers said that they are willing to remind the students and parents about signing up because they are as excited about this as me!

Anyway, I would say it went well. I know of at least one other family signing up. They visited my mom(she's a kindergarten teacher, so all of the kids I will be working with had her last year and already know me) and told her that they were definitely signing up for it, but they didn't have time to do it right now. So, that's exciting....

Time is always the issue, isn't it?! Don't I know! Today, mom and I are trying to get to the bottom of what we think is a flare-up that I'm having with the rheumatoid arthritis. I have a lot of cold-like symptoms including a headache nonstop for a week now : / Anyway, hopefully we'll have some answers by the end of the day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Parent Letter....

I just finished the parent letter to be given out at Open House on Tuesday night. I am so glad it's behind me! I was dreading writing it for some reason, but it's done now. : )

Mr. Ashley approved all my dates!!! YAY!! We also figured out a date for the family celebration at the end of the program, which is Wednesday, October 18. I am so excited that things are being finalized....well, finally!

The meetings all went great this week(obviously). Now, I can start thinking about activities to go along with the books(well, not START thinking....I already have some ideas).
More to come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday and today, I have been busy preparing and meeting with Mrs. Langley and Mrs. Ehret about my program.

Both meetings went well. They are both very excited for the program, as am I. I was able to sit down one-on-one with each of them to talk about details including actual dates, the rotational system for the books and activities being sent home, and what book titles I am using.

I emailed Mr. Ashley today to find out when a good day was to meet with him. I have to run over the fine details with him now. After all, he has the final say!

I feel like I am making more and more progress every day. What's on the agenda now is activities, ordering last 2 books, writing parent letter, and preparing for Open House next Tuesday. Luckily, Mr. Ashley is allowing me to be at Open House to introduce myself to the parents and children. I will have the parent letter and "contract"(I use that term lightly, but nothing else really applies) with me then. That way I will know quite soon after next Tuesday who will and won't be participating. I am definitely hoping for 100% participation, but I'm doubting that it will happen. Whatever I get, though, is very exciting!
Check back....another update coming soon!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

I have had such a busy time lately! Tonight alone has been enough to drive me insane!

I had a 3 hour sance rehearsal for the musical tonight(ughhhh! But we were told not to complain because the dance instructor is taking valuable time out of her hectic schedule too, valid point). Then, after getting home from that after 9pm, I had to register for the ACTs! I will be taking the SATs on October 10 at the high school and ACTs on October 24 at the Claremont high school. So busy!

I am hoping to go and pick up the other 2 titles tomorrow morning...I'll be sure to let you all know!

In some rather unfortunate news, Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Samantha and Lola is still very low in stock at Amazon. There are 3 left in stock. I may end up going with Borders, but have found better service through Amazon in the past.
Keep following everyone, I really appreciate it!
Hannah : )

Monday, September 14, 2009

THE Phonecall

That's right! We got THE phonecall from Encore this afternoon.


Yay! I am so excited to go and get them(though it will be at least Wednesday until we get there). Just one more to find and order...somewhere : )
Catch you all later!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Link to The Seekers

I've added a link to a blog that I follow called The Seekers. This is one of my very favorite blogs! It has "writing, contests, publication and everything in between." It a very cool blog. Recently, 3 of the Seekers have come to my blog and 2 are now followers, actually : )

Welcome Ruthy, Tina, and Myra! I hope that you will come and follow my progress as much or as little as you wish.

Everyone else - you should definitely hop on down to my links and go give Seekerville a visit. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay. The people are very welcoming and chances are you will see me too!
Talk to you all later,


I told you that I would come and update you all later about my exercises! Lol...Here they are:

1) Roll the scar and surrounding area with a golf ball on a flat surface. I have to do this 4x/day for 5 minutes each time. I will have to do this until at least Thanksgiving.
2) Put palm flat on a flat surface, like a table. Push firmly on it. This will build up the strength. I have to do this the same amount as the first one.
3) Pull fingers in to the top of my hand. Not bringing in to a full fist, just to the top of my hand. !0 reps multiple times daily.

This is going to be such a long process, you better believe it!! I'm dreading it...
Anyway, I think we're headed out to the shopping center.
Stay tuned...more to come!

Saturday, September 12, 2009's the weekend!

Hi everyone!
Man, another long week! Is this how the whole school year is going to be? Hope not....

Exciting news....4 out of the 6 ordered titles have arrived and are sitting next to me as I type! They've finally come! Actually, they came within 2 days of ordering, but it still feels like forever, lol! The 4 that came are:

A Fine St. Patrick's Day
Fiona's Luck
Day of the Dead

I am super excited! I feel like I am finally making progress and moving forward with the project.

Mr. Ashley contacted me about presenting an update at PTA this past Thursday. I sent him an email with everything I have been updating you all with. He told has not had time to email me back, but he talked to Mom and said that the update was definitely sufficient.

I started my physical therapy this past Thursday. *sigh* This is going to be so hard for me! The therapist likes to see patients twice a week for 45 minutes each time. This time was the first time so we mostly did paperwork and questions, but she didn't hesitate to give me exercises AND homework. I have a packet to fill out before Monday, when I go back again. I will tell you my exercises in another post, since this is already so long! I also got the stitches out of my left hand/wrist on Thursday. I can take the tape stuff off on Tuesday and start getting it wet, finally! This has been such a long process, but I know it will pay off.
More later!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Lol! That is me celebrating! The books have been ordered(actually they will really be ordered tomorrow from Encore). I am so happy! I ordered the 4 Ireland books and the 3 Mexico books that I am positive about.

There were a couple problems, though. 3 books are definite. 3 books I will find out on Tuesday or Wednesday if they were able to be ordered. 1 book could not be ordered at this time. Luckily, it is not out-of-print, Encore just can't get it right now.

I'll keep everyone updated about the books.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The final Ireland book

Exciting news! The final Ireland book came into Encore yesterday. Now, all I'm waiting for is the backordered Mexico book from Borders.

I have decided to switch the order of things and do Ireland and then Mexico due to the complication with the last Mexico book. It won't change much. Basically just the order I need everything done in.

I will be talking to Mr. Ashley about having a time on Open House to talk with all of the 1st grade parents about the program. That will probably be the easiest time to talk with them.

My hands are feeling ok. This was definitely a LONG week, as it probably was for all of you too! I start physical therapy for my right wrist/hand next Friday(September 10), which is the same day I get the stitches taken out on the left side.

Always something, right!? How was everyone's first official week of school?