Saturday, September 12, 2009's the weekend!

Hi everyone!
Man, another long week! Is this how the whole school year is going to be? Hope not....

Exciting news....4 out of the 6 ordered titles have arrived and are sitting next to me as I type! They've finally come! Actually, they came within 2 days of ordering, but it still feels like forever, lol! The 4 that came are:

A Fine St. Patrick's Day
Fiona's Luck
Day of the Dead

I am super excited! I feel like I am finally making progress and moving forward with the project.

Mr. Ashley contacted me about presenting an update at PTA this past Thursday. I sent him an email with everything I have been updating you all with. He told has not had time to email me back, but he talked to Mom and said that the update was definitely sufficient.

I started my physical therapy this past Thursday. *sigh* This is going to be so hard for me! The therapist likes to see patients twice a week for 45 minutes each time. This time was the first time so we mostly did paperwork and questions, but she didn't hesitate to give me exercises AND homework. I have a packet to fill out before Monday, when I go back again. I will tell you my exercises in another post, since this is already so long! I also got the stitches out of my left hand/wrist on Thursday. I can take the tape stuff off on Tuesday and start getting it wet, finally! This has been such a long process, but I know it will pay off.
More later!!


  1. Okay, when I heard Tina & Ruthy had visited your blog, I had to come check it out, too. Got totally entranced "feeding the fish"!!!

    So sorry about your carpal tunnel problems! Hope the surgery & therapy do the trick. I had to do PT for knee and shoulder problems for a while. Feels like such a big chunk out of the week, so I understand!

  2. Hey Myra!!
    Wow, thanks for becoming a follower! Welcome to my blog, glad you enjoyed feeding the fish : )

    Thanks about understanding about the CT. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so they think that is how I got the CT. It is a very time consuming process for sure! Sorry to hear about your knee and shoulder - hope they're feeling better!

    You know, it's funny. I was talking to Cheryl Wyatt a while back about how I'd love more people to become active in my blog. I want to start a reading blog, but feel like I am too busy at the moment. However, if people start following this blog they might follow me to my other blog. She told me to start chatting at Seekerville and slowly people would start to come check out my blog. Man, when she's right, she is right! Lol...

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll continue to stop by and see how I'm doing! Don't worry, I'm still coming to Seekerville!