Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday and today, I have been busy preparing and meeting with Mrs. Langley and Mrs. Ehret about my program.

Both meetings went well. They are both very excited for the program, as am I. I was able to sit down one-on-one with each of them to talk about details including actual dates, the rotational system for the books and activities being sent home, and what book titles I am using.

I emailed Mr. Ashley today to find out when a good day was to meet with him. I have to run over the fine details with him now. After all, he has the final say!

I feel like I am making more and more progress every day. What's on the agenda now is activities, ordering last 2 books, writing parent letter, and preparing for Open House next Tuesday. Luckily, Mr. Ashley is allowing me to be at Open House to introduce myself to the parents and children. I will have the parent letter and "contract"(I use that term lightly, but nothing else really applies) with me then. That way I will know quite soon after next Tuesday who will and won't be participating. I am definitely hoping for 100% participation, but I'm doubting that it will happen. Whatever I get, though, is very exciting!
Check back....another update coming soon!

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