Monday, October 12, 2009

Ready....Get set....GO!!!!

My title is in honor of the START of Hannah's READ Program!

I am starting tomorrow and Wednesday. Mrs. Langley's class is tomorrow and Mrs. Ehret's is on Wednesday. Mrs. Langley is at 11:15am and Mrs. Ehret's at 9am. You all can be thinking of me!

I'm almost completely ready. I have my lesson basically planned and finished for the next two days. I have everything copied. I have to finish "stuffing" the kid's folders, so they're ready to hand out tomorrow.

I think that I'm most worried that the parent's and kid's won't like it. I don't want to fail this...I have so much invested in it and I am very passionate about it succeeding. Mrs. Haynes was trying to reassure me that it's going to be great and everyone will love it. I think that this next week is going to be the slowest week of my life though! Having to wait for all the first feedback forms to come back *bites lip in anticipation already!* We'll have to see I guess....

A HUGE thank you shout out to everyone who has supported me up to this point in the process. It's been a long, challenging road, but it's going somewhere now! So:


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