Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"It's slowly climbing!"

Lol! The title of my post is a quote from Mrs. Haynes this afternoon when I told her this good news....

I recieved 2 more contracts today!!!!

I have told the teachers that I will literally accept any kids who want to participate at any time. The deadline was for my organizational purposes and for my sanitys sake! Lol...However, if I go into the classroom and they have fun. They can still get their parent/guardian to sign the contract and I will fix them up a folder. Pretty simple I think!

So now, my count is a little different. Not only did I find out I had 2 more today, but also that one of Mrs. Langley's kids are moving next week, so that's why they couldn't do it. : ( So the official count now is... 16/23 participants!!! I personally am so happy with this! Mrs. Langley has 3 not participating and Mrs. Ehret 5. I'd say that's pretty good : )

I also figured out times now. Mrs. Langley's class is Tuesdays at 11:20am. Mrs. Ehret is Wednesdays at 9:05am. Please keep us in mind at those times! I'll be needing all the help I can get I'm sure : O

Anyway, sorry to talk your ear off, but I just wanted to update you again!
Thanks, the support means so much!

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