Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just a Quick Update....

I just wanted to let everyone know, quickly, that I now have 5 kids/families officially signed up for the Hannah's READ Program! : )

I am getting so excited now! It really seems like it's taking on some shape. From the people who have signed up, I have heard that they are all very excited about the program and I know the teachers are too.

Also, the other night Mom helped me order the book Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Samantha and Lola from Barnes and Noble over the phone. They should be in sometime at the beginning of next week probably. I am, also, looking into different Mexico books to use as my 4th Mexico book. Saturday Market is still backordered at Borders. This makes around 2 months of waiting for it. Plus, it's only one copy! So, I need to find something else to use. Luckily, I will not be starting the Mexico session until January.

It's coming together, people!!

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