Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful November - Days 2, 3, and 4

Welcome back!
How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully good. I was working hard on a couple big projects that were due so I didn't end up getting to write my posts. Instead I'll catch up on the two I missed and complete the daily one for today as well!

Saturday, November 2, 2013 - Day 2:
I have been incredibly blessed with two wonderful grandparents. They are both 87 years old and keep on truckin'! Lol I love it. My gramma will always be one of my greatest influences and inspirations. Likewise, my grampa has been the best grampa/dad I could've ever imagined having. My memories stem from a very young age of helping Grampa milk the cows at the barn or plant the tiny pink corn seeds for the garden and helping Gramma bake up something scrumptious in the kitchen! From pool parties and afternoons spent playing Rummy and Trouble to travelling the world and having afternoon coffee dates, my grandparents are one of the best things in my life. I will forever be grateful for the experiences they've provided, hard times they've comforted me, and lessons they have taught me.

(L to R: Great aunt Alice and Margaret, Gramma, Grampa)
Sunday, November 3, 2013 - Day 3:
It would only be fitting to stay along with the family theme and recognize my mom. She's a little crazy lol....I have to be honest! We certainly have our moments when we butt heads and I'll never completely understand her ways lol, but regardless she's my mom. She's done the work of two parents for the majority of my life and has done the best she could. For being a single mom working full time as a teacher and part time for a catering company, she has provided Alicia and I amazing opportunities, experiences, and memories that will certainly last us a lifetime. Though we never know what the future holds, I expect many more wonderful things to happen for her. I appreciate all that she does for both of us and can't imagine life without having the one stable parent still in it. Thank you so much, Mom.

Oh and as a side note, she gave up being able to join Weight Watchers because she wanted to pay for me and couldn't pay for both of us. Nonetheless, she has still joined me at home both with our healthy eating and walking and has lost 25lbs so far! Super proud of her for being strong enough to do that :)

Mom and I in Times Square, NYC January 2013
Monday, November 4, 2013 - Day 4:

Today, I am choosing to be thankful for books.

Books can be your best friend when no one else is there. The alluring look of so many words on a page woven together creating a story like no other. They carry you to magical lands far, far away or maybe the small, old New England town reminiscent of so many you've passed through before. Accompanied with a hero and heroine, imaginations take flight while romance blooms.

Ever since I was young, books were my escape from reality. My love for it is what sparked the premise for Hannah's READ Program which is how I started this blog. I believe that, especially for low socioeconomic children, reading can bring them to places they will never be fortunate enough to see. I am proud and feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to bring this theory to life with so many children at my elementary school. Anyway, books really do bring us to new heights. I think they are critical to so many things and it deeply saddens me to know how many people just don't even care about reading. I am thankful that my family finds reading important and my mom read to me since I was a baby fostering my love for this past time.

Until tomorrow, my friends,

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