Thursday, September 20, 2012

College Life

Ohhhhh life has been crazy lately! Absolutely crazy! I am nearing the end of week three of my junior year of college. My new school, the Community College of Vermont (CCV), is actually going really well. I have gotten 100% on every quiz and assignment and an A on my first paper! Exciting, eh!? It's a big adjustment going from five classes twice a week to only once a week, but I actually like it. The workload is bigger, but there is more time to complete the work. Plus, there's only five due dates every week instead of a possible ten! That's definitely a plus in my mind lol. I don't think I told you what my classes are, so they are as follows:

Monday - Microcomputer Applications I (1-4pm)
Tuesday - Introduction to Nutrition (1-4pm), Foundations of Education (6-9pm)
Thursdays - Interpersonal and Small Group Communications (1-4pm), Global Issues in the Media (6-9pm)

On top of my classes and homework, my supervisor schedules me upwards of 20 hours a week. It's a lot! But it's going pretty well, as I said :) So let's throw a dance party!!!

 I think we all need a dance party every once in awhile, don't you? Just leave all your inhibitions behind and dance like nobody's watching!

Other than an update, I wanted to write a blog post about something that has been on my mind. The other night one of my friends asked me why I was even going to school if it's so expensive and I'm so concerned about my situation coming out of school. This was my response to her:

Because I want to teach.
I have wanted to teach since I stepped foot into my preschool classroom.
Because it is the only thing I have ever wanted to do. 
Because it is what I'm good at.
Because I can't have my own children that I get to supply knowledge and skills,  love, motivation, and support for and who will love me back.
Because knowledge is the only thing that can never be taken from you. 
We are in a select group of people that have the opportunity to go onto higher education. We should take advantage of that opportunity!
We should take advantage of learning all the way through life.
Because my gramma taught me that "it will all work out" so even though I'm scared of the debt and not getting a job and how hard I will have to work and whether I will even make it through college.....
it will all work out.
This is important to me.
This has been my dream since I was 4 years old.
That is why I am going to college.

College is scary! It is hard and predictable and messy and complicated, but it is also full of learning experiences, life experiences, and hopefully friends for a lifetime. 

Bananer and Cateroni :)

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