Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Changes, changes, everywhere!

I am not a fan of changes. I just don't like them. I like things as I like them which is the same! The expected, the known. There is no room for fear, no room for uncertainty. But unfortunately....the Fall of 2012 has brought many changes. As we head into September, my head's spinning with even the thought of what is going on. So today, I'm going to take a minute to explain some things that have been happening on this end (why I've been so MIA). Alicia's gone to college....BIG change. Though she's only about an hour and a half away and only been gone five days so far, BIG change. She's moving on, growing up, meeting SO many new people, having a great time. She'll be fine, she'll do great. I'm kind of scared she's really going to move on. I'm not returning to Colby-Sawyer College. I worked my hardest, but my hardest wasn't enough apparently. On top of that, they said they needed the money for the freshmen. Without financial aid, they expected me to pay $25,000 per semester to continue my education there. So I gave up my education (there), my two best friends who just so happened to be my roommates this year, my other friends, some of the freedom I was starting to feel! Now I will be going to the Community College of Vermont, working more hours at the Co-op, and living at home....alone with my mom. BIG change. Work is even different than before! We have five new people and lost more than that off to college. BIG change getting to know all these new people and get used to a whole new set of coworkers. I trained one of my friends sisters today and she'll do just fine, but it's hard work training! Lol I don't like change....I really just don't. I try to be open minded, but man, I do have a hard time with it. So for now, I am going to try to implement something that is OLD, something that is PREDICTABLE, something FEARLESS. I am hoping that this is the first of many blog posts because you know what I realized tonight in the shower? Lol good place, huh? I realized that blogging has always made me so....happy. I truly enjoy it. I've made terrific friends through it that I never would have otherwise. I love writing, expressing myself, being my own person! So I hope that you all will be seeing me more this upcoming fall. I hope you're all okay with that :) Love, love, love! I haven't forgotten ANY of you!! Hannah


  1. Oh Banana, I am so happy you finally wrote a blog post. I don't think you know how many times I came on here and hoped that you had a new one up!

    Change is hard, I know. But we can only hope that this change is a good change. A change that one day you will be like "woah, I'm glad that it happen!" It doesn't seem like it now, but I am hoping and praying (not really on the praying!) that everything will turn out okay!

    You know I love you! You know I will always be here. You know that you can find me anytime and I will be your shoulder to cry on. You know that if I could, I would take a bullet for you. If you don't, I'm telling you so believe it and trust me!

    Love you Banana! It'll be okay!

  2. I LOVE YOU CATERONI!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry, I never replied to you. It kinda made me teary-eyed when I first read it lol and it was extremely comforting to hear, still is as I sit here and reread it. For the record, I didn't know that lol but I do now apparently! It's nice to know that someone still reads my blog :) I still read yours as well, just don't comment. But know that I am SO proud of what you're accomplishing, not only in becoming healthier, but with your positivity and new outlook on life. You're becoming an even more beautiful YOU! :D

    Love you, missy!