Monday, September 24, 2012

Arthritis Walk Update

Hey all again!
I have a quick update for ya :) Since last night when I posted the last post, we've raised $40!!! Awesome! That's almost 1/6 of the way there, friends :D I'm super excited about this, we're headed in the right direction for sure!

NOTE: I was notified this morning that on the website, you can donate no less than $25. I am so sorry about this. It makes me very upset that they would set a minimum on a donation and I notified them of this as well. If this is an issue for you, please email me me at hccelie[at]gmail[dot]com (as always remove the brackets and insert the symbols!) and we will figure something out.

I'm working on some more fundraising currently, but as I said last night, every dollar helps! We are so, so grateful for all the well wishes we've received for Saturday :) let's keep fighting against this disease that affects so many people!!

To donate, click HERE or email me!

A huge thank you to Diane and Jo for their generous donations!! 

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