Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome to Hannah's Haunted October Party!!! Enter if you dare....

Walking up a long dark driveway, trees surrounding you on either side, you come across a house. The rickety gate opens slowly with a creeeeeeeeeak. Walking hesitantly up the walkway towards the spooky looking house, you see a figure in the upstairs window. Just a shadow floating by. At the bottom of the steps, you look up ominously at this house, yet again, chills running down your spine. The door opens, but no one's there. Gathering up the last bit of courage you are able to find, you slowly step up the stairs. Eeek, squeeeak, creeeak goes the stairs. Through the doorway you pass and into a room you step. A moth eaten rug lays under you feet. A long winding staircase ends (or is it begins?) in front of you. Turning to the left, you see a sitting room. A fire is crackling in the fireplace. It is a spooky house for sure, but nothing to be afraid of...or is there? Suddenly someone stands up from the chair whose back is facing you. The unhurriedly step, step, step until they come into the light.
"Welcome to my house," I say in a hushed voice. "I've been expecting you."

Here, ladies and gentlemen, friends and newcomers, all are welcome to my Haunted October Party. Please spread the word, as spooks and scares and giggles galore may ensue.

You are all welcome.....and I've been expecting you. The fun's about to begin.


  1. Happy, happy October, fall, autumn, All Hallows Eve, Hallomas, Halloween, All Saint's Day. :)

    Nike Chillemi, these days Blogger is signing me as anonymous.

  2. You are so creepy Hannah, I'm frightened. JK JK! :-P

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  3. Good, good, Mimi!!! I hope it is fun!

    Thanks, Nike! Love all the names :D

    Hahahahhahahahaha RENEE!!!! You SHOULD be scared!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahhahahahah!

  4. Ooooh - sounds like some spooky fun! :) I love fall! And love the haunted-mansion-esque feel to this post. ;)