Friday, October 14, 2011

Special Video: Hide and Seek (kinda creepy!)

Welcome to the weekend!! Well almost :P Weekend for me anyway lol. Today, I have a video that my best friend, Josh, made! It also stars our friend, Jake, and Josh's lil brother, Caleb! Josh is in the white shirt and hat, whereas Jake is in the green Celtics shirt. Caleb'll be able to figure that out!

I'm going to warn you, I can't remember if there's any swearing in this (sometimes these videos can get out of hand lol) but the content does involve a fake gun and shooting. I promise you it is hilarious though!!!!! And it's creepy too ; )

So....sit back, relax, and enjoy today's video!

If it does not play: Hide and Seek

Now, how was that!? Kinda creepy, right?! But I hope it made you laugh too : ) I know it does for me! Do you guys have any creepy hide and seek memories? I know I have one that I'll share if you all tell me yours :P
Can't wait to hear!

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