Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down by Jeremy Kingsley Review

Hey all,
I finished this book over a month ago and just haven't written the review! Lol! *Bad Hannah* So here ya go, finally!

When I recieved the nonfiction books email of books up for review from Bethany House, I went back and forth whether or not to ask for one. Finally I decided that Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down by Jeremy Kingsley could be a helpful read for some people. If so, I wanted to make it more aware to others. I was shocked by how much it related to my own life. Yes, some chapters did not affect me much personally. However, felt like Kingsley was talking directly to me!
Through inspirational quotes beginning each chapter, conversational language, an eye-pleasing layout throughout the book, and relateable examples, Jeremy Kingsley has written an extremely helpful guide. One thing I really liked was that this is a book I can keep on my shelf and whenever I feel it applicable, I can pull it out and reread just a certain chapter as a refresher. It is a guide. A guide that can help one throughout so many different circumstances and hardships in their life. It appeals to a wide audience, which means you really can keep it and more importantly use it.

~This book was furnished to me by Bethany House Publishers for my honest opinion.~

Overall, this book was wonderful. One of my pastors and I are currently trying to see if we can get Jeremy to come and speak at our church! How cool would that be!? Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery cool haha. I'll keep y'all updated about that!

If you want to learn more about Jeremy, check him out:
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