Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Step into My Kitchen.....and Giveaway!!!

Step into my kitchen, ladies and gentlemen.....

Well? What do you think?! I love to spend time in my kitchen....experimenting ; ) Or whipping up some concoctions. I have some stew on the stove right now as we speak! You're all welcome to some later, if you want! Can you guess my secret ingredient?
I've also got some other things around, but I wanted to make one of my favorite treats on a chilly, October afternoon!

Caramel Apples
Caramel apples are a favorite with our kids we babysit. They request them every year : ) This year we tried something different and it was the BEST technique yet soooooooo that's how we're doin' it, folks. We like to use Kraft caramels

And Cortland apples because they are so crisp. You do not have to use this type, however when picking out apples to use, especially for our technique, you need a firm apple so that the stick will stay in it!

Now, take a bowl or we used a mug and unwrap your caramels. I would suggest probably starting with half the bag, depending on how many apples you plan on dipping. REMEMBER: when you leave melted caramel out, it will cool off and more impotantly stick in whatever it's in. Therefore, as soon as it's warmed, USE IT. Then get it OUT of the pan! Lol truuuuuuuuust me :P It will not take too long to melt the caramels. Start with about 25 seconds and go from there. Yes, you can burn them and noooooo you don't want that. Here's our melted caramel:

Next, wash your apples, then cut them into quarters. Yep, you heard me. Cut them. They are sooooooo much more managable, especially if you're doing this with kids. Then using sticks of your choosing, stick them in on one end of the apple slice. We recommend finding the wide popsicle sticks because they stay a lot better in the apple. Dip the apple slice into the caramel. You have a choice of whether you'd prefer to dip the entire slice or just the peel side like a normal caramel apple. We only did the peel side because there's a lot of sugar in caramel and that's a lot if you did the whole thing! Lol...but your choice! Be mindful that the caramel could be really warm! How do you think ours came out?

We also recommend covering your cookie sheet (that you put the dipped apples on) with foil. The apple will come right off and it's easy clean up! Feel free to top off your fun apples with some sprinkles too : ) It's so fun for the kids or big kids too!

Now, time for the giveaway! You have the chance of winning a complete caramel apple kit made by....yours truly : ) It will include everything you need except the apples because those wouldn't be so good to ship! Lol! You will definitely have fun making these!!!

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~ Tell me about one of your favorite fall or Halloween treats!

Good luck to everyone! Enjoy :D


  1. holy cow - those look absolutely ridiculously good! I've never had a caramel apple with sprinkles and now I definitely feel like I've been missing out! I usually just stick to the candy - I'm eating Warheads now actually lol.

    My email is jeskimo.kimono@gmail.com and I'll be happy to supply an address if I am lucky enough to win!

  2. Well not that I NEED anymore sugar... but I suppose it couldn't hurt :D I LOVE LOVE LOVE butterscotch haystacks! Best things EVER.