Monday, January 10, 2011

Contentment Reading Challenge

I'm back again, folks! Lol...

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Today I'm posting my official launch post for the Contentment Reading Challenge 2011 made by Amber @ Seasons of Humility blog. She is a very dear friend, obviously, so how could I resist supporting her on her very first reading challenge! So now, taken from her blog, this is what the challenge is about and the guidelines:

"The "Contentment Reading Challenge" is based on the idea that we, as avid readers, have many books scattered around our homes (on shelves, in the closet, under the bed, etc.) that we have hoped to read again but have not made the time to do so. It is also based on my own struggles with greed and selfishness--continuing to buy more and more books, while forgetting the wonderful library I already own.

If you perhaps are going through similar struggles or have had similar ideas, I would love to have you join my reading challenge. This is more of a personal challenge, so don't feel like you have to strictly follow all of the rules in order to be involved. What really counts is our heart attitudes, and while this isn't an overnight change, it's something we can be working on together.

Here are the guidelines:

•Anyone can join--just leave a comment below saying you want to be a part of the challenge. I will be posting off and on throughout the year about the challenge, and I would love to hear your feedback at those times on how you are doing and what you might be learning along the way. I'd love to have this become a community event, where we can encourage and pray for one another, as well as share in each other's joys as we re-visit some of our favorite books!
•In order for this to be a "challenge," it's good to set some goals. There's no pressure--just choose whatever level you think would be good for you if you would like to have an overall goal. Since the ocean is the theme for the devotional posts on this blog ("Sundays by the Sea") here are some of the themed levels you can aim for:
◦Floating: Re-reading 5 books you already own. Skimming the surface.
◦Wading: Re-reading 10 books you already own. Getting your feet wet in your ocean of books.
◦Swimming: Re-reading 15 books you already own. Immersing yourself again.
◦Diving: Re-reading 20 or more books you already own. Going deep into the stories you love.
• The challenge officially starts on January 1, 2011 and officially ends on December 31, 2011. I'm sure there will be some fun activities along the way for those involved, and maybe even a celebration at the end, so I hope you can join me!"

I am so very excited to start right in on this!! Who else will join us???

So now, here's my list that I've compiled so far:

1) The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin

2) Pictures of Hollis Woods - Patricia Reilly Giff

3) Little House in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder

4) Green Angel - Alice Hoffman

5) Flavor of the Week - Tucker Shaw

6) Someone at the Door - Richie Tankersley Cusick

7) Crooked - Laura and Tom McNeal

8) Tuck Everlasting - Natalie Babbitt

9) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon

10) The Farther You Run - Davida Wills Hurwin

11) A Soldier's Promise - Cheryl Wyatt

12) The Color Purple - Alice Walker

13) Cell - Stephen King

14) A Child Called "It" - David Peltzer

15) The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks

16) Plain Truth - Jodi Picoult

17) The Pact - Jodi Picoult

18) Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult

19) Second Glance - Jodi Picoult

20) The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

21) A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman

Disclaimer: These book titles are subject to change. I might change these twenty, but it also may be that I add more.

As you can tell, I've chosen the Diving category. Now, I must admit that I didn't intend to do this necessarily! Instead, I went through my books and found the books that immediately jumped out at me and grabbed them! we'll see how things go this year : )

So, Amber, I just wanted to say thank you for putting this challenge out there for all of us this year!! Happy Reading in 2011, people!! Check back in often for more book reviews : ) If you want to join this challenge go HERE to sign up!



  1. Lots of great books on that list. I've got a friend at work who is always raving about Jodi Picoult novels, but I've never read one. I should really give her a try.

    I loved number 15, but I found number 9 a little strange.

  2. Hey Joy! I feel like it's long time no see :)

    Yeah, I LOVE Jodi and she lives one town over. So all but one or two of my books are signed, which is awesome! I just picked a couple of my favorites of hers that I haven't read in a couple of years.

    I loved 15 too! And you know, the movie is quite spectacular also. Sooooo sad :( And yes, as I remember 9 was quite strange. We'll see what I think the second time around, eh.

    Thanks for stopping by, lady! Talk to you soon,

  3. Hannah,

    Thank you so much for joining the challenge, and for your enthusiasm! You are such a sweet and supportive friend! :) It looks like you've got a lot to read this next year--I hope you enjoy it. ;)


  4. Amber,
    You know it's nothing at all, girl!! Heehee...Ehhhh it's not so much. Just 2 per month for 8 months, 1 per month for four :) Also a lot of them aren't too big lol. Besides you're doing it, I can do it too, Tiny! However you doooooooo read quickly ; )

    I'm sure I will enjoy it, thank you very much! Lol....

  5. Great blog, as always Hannah!

    I'd love to join the challenge, but I have a bunch of books that I have bought, and never read! My goal is to read all those before buying anything new. Of course, I always say that and everytime I go to the bookstore, I come home with a new book! lol. Like the other day, we stopped at Borders on the way home from my appointment, and they had a book I've been wanting for a while. It was onsale for only $3! So how could I resist? LOL. SO I'm starting my own reading challenge. :)

  6. What a varied list, Hannah. I've read several of these, including Jodi Picoult, but can't remember which ones of hers by their titles. (Ooops!)

    But I think your best idea is re-reading Little House. I love reading about making maple sugar candy and Pa playing his fiddle while the family sits around the fire; makes me feel like a kid again. I can't wait until my little niece is old enough to appreciate Laura Ingalls Wilder!

  7. Oh Mallory, I totally hear you! Lol...there are always too many books, but somehow never enough!

    Hmmmmm I'll search around and try to find the perfect challenge for you, miss. If all else fails, I'll make one up. We all have that same fault of too many books on our shelves, or so it seems ; )
    Hope you start feeling better soon, chicky!

  8. Lol Renee! I totally agree....very varied. A lot are more teen books that I've read over the years, but whatever. I'm curious to go back and reread them.

    Oh I LOVED the Ingalls family!! Love, love, love them. I own all of Laura's, Rose's, and Ma's stories! It fills a shelf all on it's own ; ) Very excited to relive it.
    Thanks for the suport!

  9. Holy cow! Mad books girl! Kudos to you for being brave enough to try to read all of those again! I know you'll do it!

    XOXO~ Renee

  10. Awwww Renee! Thanks : )

    It's not so hard, though I'm the first to admit that I do NOT like to reread books. LOL. For whatever reason it just doesn't usually do anything for me. But, that's what makes it a challenge, right? The Westing Game is the one book that I DO reread. I read it at least once a year since 5th grade. I absolutely love it and I can't even explain why I don't think.
    Thanks for the support!