Monday, May 25, 2009

A friendly reminder!

Hi all,
I have not been to the blog since Friday. I noticed that, still, only one person has voted on the poll. Just to remind you: THERE ARE ONLY 11 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!!! So, you have less than two weeks to vote.
Thanks and, as always, vote, vote, vote!!


  1. Wow Hannah--not only have you been busy, you have been having fun doing it. (: Good job with the funding for your project. I look forward to seeing the countries you select (yes, I voted), the books, and the activities you develop. And you are really enjoying your blog. I am very glad (I need to work on mine!).

    You might have fun working on a personal gmail page. I believe it is accessed through igoogle. I have all kinds of fun gadgets, including a count-down.

    Good work!
    Mrs. Haynes

  2. Thanks for voting and commenting! I don't know if you know that I always post back to your comments, but I do.

    Yes, I am having a lot of fun on the blog! I have been talking to some authors(through a specific type of books, I don't know how to explain it, so if I start another book/reading blog they might follow it! How cool would that be!!??

    I think that the iGoogle page sounds really fun and interesting. I guess I will have to check it out some more sometime.

    Thanks for all the help and support!