Wednesday, May 27, 2009


If you know the blog and have been faithfully following it through all of the changes and renovations, you will have noticed that the countdown gadget is back! Yay! I really liked having it. However, I could not do anything if it was having technical problems. I checked back on it today and I believe it is fixed now. We will try it again. I will keep an eye on it to make sure there are no more problems. As I mentioned before, please let me know if you are having any problems with the blog. I will try to get them resolved for you as promptly as possible.
Thanks for reading,


  1. 21 days till the end of school? Does that include the weekends? (: Glad you figured out the problem with the comments. Good job!
    Mrs. Haynes

  2. Yes, that does include the weekends. I know, though, when I first made it I was like, "What the heck!?" Hahaha. I thought that it was really wrong, until it occured to me that, unlike us, it would count the weekends!
    Thanks for commenting,