Thursday, May 21, 2009


As you can probably tell, I have been busy changing and adding a few things on the blog. I am pretty excited about it, actually. Here is a list of what I did:

First of all, I added a greeting at the top under the title of the blog. If any new readers join I want them to feel welcome.

Underneath the header/greeting, I added a countdown for important dates. Right now(since we do not have any more due dates this year) that date is the last day of school.

To the side, I added a poll. This will help me decide what cultures I choose to use next year. Just to let you know, the poll does have a closing date. It will close on June 6th at 8:00 PM. This gives you two weeks to vote. However, if need be I can extend the close date.

Below the poll, I added "Hannah's links". I will continue to add to this list whenever I get some new links that I have used.

I believe that is everything. Isn't that so cool?! I learned about adding gadgets from my french teacher today on our blogs. I will definitly be having some fun with this!

Vote, vote, vote!!

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