Wednesday, April 22, 2009

News, news, news!

I have been working on the funding for the project. More specifically, I have been writing the letter that I will send to the stores, organizations, and foundations. I used my proposal of the project for the outline. Then, I cut out some things, added some things, and left some things exactly as they were written because I did not feel that they could have been written any better. Basically, I edited the whole paper to make sense to the places I am sending it.
The other progress I have made is that I have recieved some contact information of people and other news regarding my possible financial sources that I am asking. What I now have is:
- Contact information of Kay Ross, who is the President of the Rotary.
- Contact information of Trisha Kent, who is on the Chamber of Commerce.
- Another possible source, but I still have to look into it.
- The possibility of Price Chopper donating "things" for the end celebration.
I was very excited to have these things happen. I feel I am going strides in the right direction now. As you can see, I have a couple new sources. I have already edited the last post to add them to the list of possible financial support. I really have worked over vacation!

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