Thursday, April 9, 2009


Since the next due date for my thesis paper is due on March 4th, I have begun looking into different books for my evidence/proof. Mrs. Haynes was able to find a few for me to use.
These are the books that I have been reading for my paper thus far:

Sociocultural Contexts of Language and Literacy by Bertha Perez also with Teresa L. McCarty, Lucille J. Watahomigie, Maria E. Torres-Guzman, To thi Dien, Ji-Mei Chang, Howard L. Smith, and Aurelia Davila de Silva

7 Keys to Comprehension by Susan Zimmermann and Chryse Hutchins

The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

These are the books that will be useful for narrowing down the search for books and activities to use with the kids:

Ready, Set, Motivate! How to Capture Young Readers with Visual Aids by Jennifer B. Coleman

The Kids' Multicultural Art Book: Art & Craft Experiences from Around the World by Alexandra M. Terzian

Discovering World Geography with Books Kids Love by Nancy A. Chicola and Eleanor B. English

I am starting with these. I have been looking through and reading them and they seem like they will work very well. The Read Aloud Handbook has newer copies of it, so I am trying to find the most recent, now. I am always looking for more book titles, so if there are any ideas of books for me to use for reasearch or for the kids, or titles that would work for the actual program, let me know. Thanks!


  1. I enjoy checking on your progress via your blog. Mrs. Haynes

  2. Thanks! It's a lot of fun to do too. I am grateful that you helped me set it up!