Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Donation sources

I have been talking with my mom, aunt, and Mrs. Haynes recently about where I am going to apply for money donations. Today, my mom helped me make a list of all of the sources. These are the ones we have come up with so far:

BJ's Wholesale Club
White River School PTA
Mascoma Bank
Members Advantage Credit Union
Encore! Used and New Books
Rotary Club
Lions Club
Chamber of Commerce
Price Chopper
Another possible source that is still being looked into

The places like BJ's and Staples might be willing to donate food or paper goods for the final celebration(BJ's) or free or reduced copying or supplies for activities(Staples). The other option is that they might donate some money.
Borders and Encore will, hopefully, give me a discount on the books, since I will be ordering so many and the cause.
This is the focus for my project over the next week because I will be on school vacation. I plan on getting a finalized letter to send to all of these places. The letter will be a lot like my initial proposal for the project, but I intend on tweaking it a bit.
This is keeping me very busy for the meantime!

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  1. I had no idea you created a list. Excellent! It should be obivous to anyone who reads your blog how much you have accomplished. I am very happy with the work you have done. Mrs. Haynes