Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Special Birthday Party with Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! I am very excited about today's post!!! Now today was my LAST final so I DEFINITELY felt like partying it up!!! Now, who will join me!? Please, please, please come and celebrate :D

Now, not only is this a PARTY (which Amber will vouch for me that I can throw a fuuuuuuuun party ; ) ) but it is a birthday party! Who's birthday are we celebrating?? Nope, not mine, you all still have a couple months yet! Lol! Nope, we're going to throw our very own birthday party for Christ! I know we're a little early, but we will all be celebrating on our own on his actual birthday, so we need to have it now!

First, I thought we'd have a little something to eat. Follow me to the table : )

I hope it looks okay! I thought we'd start out with some Irish vegetable soup that I had sent here for us! This is ALL over the place in Ireland! I kid you now, we ate it soooooooooo much in a two week period. But it's *lips licks* so yummy!

Next we've got a couple choices - Filet Mignon with asparagus cooked in a little olive oil and garlic, and Jersey Royales (potatoes) straight from the Isle of Jersey! (That's what I'M having!!!!)

For my vegetarian friends (or those who want it!) - Vegetarian Alfredo with creamy alfredo sauce, broccoli, and even peas!
There's also some different choices of dog foods over on the counter for our four legged friends : ) Not sure what their preferences are, so I'll let their owners choose for them!

Now how good was that food!? I am stuffed! I need a break before dessert I think ; )

Since this is a party celebrating Christ, I thought that it would be perfect for the entertainment to be the retelling of his birth story. However, I found an entertaining one at that! The following video was made by last year by the children of St. Paul's Church. They are absolutely enchanting! I hope you ALL take just under 4 minutes of your day to watch this, you will not be disappointed!

Aren't they fabulous!? The little lambs made me smile :)

Can I get a drumrooooooooooooooooll please!? *drumroll*

Tada!!! Here is our birthday cake because what birthday party or any party for that matter is complete without cake!? It reads "For unto us a child is born." if you can't tell : ) I just love all the figures, the colors, the different tiers. Made me happy! So everyone, dig in! Who wants a piece, I'll cut....

It's GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!!!!!! Today, I am offering a 'Party in a Box' kit that I'll make up for you : ) Nope, it doesn't have to be a birthday party for Jesus, but use it for something fun!
~ Leave me a comment with a birthday wish for the birthday boy!
~ Must have a valid email address (so I can contact you if you win!)
~ Must have a US mailing address for this giveaway

+1 for becoming a new follower
+ 2 for being an old follower : )

Now for our song of the day! The beautiful and talented Judy Collins is singing this one today. I have a special connection to Judy. Alicia and I sang in the Upper Valley Children's choir in elementary school and was the background choir for her in one of her concerts : ) It was a truly amazing experience to perform in such a large theater with such an iconic voice! We sang this song and it really brings back memories for me. One of my favorites that we sang was Joy to the World which unfortunately is not on Youtube :( Another one was Song for Sarajevo though. It is bleak, but with such a haunting tune it is memorable for me and I can remember my part to this day still! Alicia and I like to review it from time to time ; )

Anyway, please take the opportunity to reflect a little today. We are halfway through the month and it is so, so easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas. Take the time to celebrate His birth! It's fast approaching! Time to start gettin' our party on ; ) Those of you who still have finals, I wish you the best of luck, friends! You'll do fabulously!
Much love,


  1. I keep reminding my kiddos that it's Jesus's birthday. Don't want them to forget the "reason for the season". ;-) We're planning on making him a birthday cake too. Heeheee!

  2. Merry Christmas Hannah! Love the photo of that dining room table and the video with the kids was cute! "Animal poop"!! Lol

  3. i loved the cake...i never saw anything like it before...a great posting & fabulous pictures, too

    ~merry christmas to the birthday boy :)

    i'm a follower, too

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  4. I love the video :) Happy birthday Jesus! the real reason to celebrate christmas.

  5. Oh, man, you had me with the filet and asparagus -- YUM!!


  6. Excellent post and photos, Hannah! I'll have some of that steak!


  7. My birthday wish is that everyone remembers that we are in fact celabrating HIS birth!!! I am a new follower. Thanks for the give away and Merry Christmas!! Lilsis_75@Hotmail.com