Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Movie Friday :D

I feel like this poor lil cat lol!!! And can I just say for the record....Mom and Alicia would want you all to know that some morning my hair actually looks just like THAT! O_O Pretty darn close anyway, it's bad lol. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! Celebrate that, people! It is also December 9th which means only 16 days until Christmas! AHHHHH! Woohoo! Yippee!! Getting close, peeps!

Today I decided I wanted just a feel good post, so what are we doing you ask? We're going to the movies!! Go grab your popcorn and soda, snag a seat, sit back and relax, and enjooooooy the show!!!

Christmas movies can be magical! Things happen that don't normally happen - snow is always pure and white, the guy and the girl miraculously find their way into each others' heart, and everyone is ALWAYS joyous. I think that's one reason everyone is always so eager for the season to get here. Who doesn't want to be happy? So year after year, we return to our favorites and maybe adopt a newbie to the hall of fame ; ) Here's a few of our must sees:

ELF: Okay, I know this one is probably inducing memories for many of you. Elf made it's way into our hearts in 2003 led by the ever hysterical Will Ferrell. The whole movie brings a smile to the face and as my mom said: "This movie makes you feel like a kid again. I can unwind, sit back, and just laugh! That doesn't happen too often....I love it!" So true : ) This has become an at least once a season annual movie in our household lol and we watched it tonight! I just need to play a clip for you (it was hard to choose just ONE!!!!):

Holiday in Handcuffs: This super FUN movie stars Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez who make an amazing duo in the acting world! Like Elf, this is a modern Christmas kidnappying fairty tale ; ) Yes, kidnapping lol! It's a fast paced, laughs ensuing, 'awwww' inspiring movie from start to finish. I highly recommend it; it'll become a fast favorite!

1994 version of Miracle on 34th Street: First off, I absolutely love Mara Wilson! She was in two of my other favorites: Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire!! Otherwise, this is such a sweet story. Though this isn't the oldest version, I consider an oldie but a goodie. In my opinion, even though it's talking about Santa Clause and believing so strongly in him that he's real, it relates a lot to Christ. I think that a lot of connections can actually be drawn between Santa and Christ interestingly enough, but that's a whole OTHER conversation! For now, this is a great movie for kids and adults alike : )

Falalala Lifetime: I love what they call the Lifetime channel during Christmastime!!! Okay, so we have probably seen pretty darn near ALL the Lifetime Christmas movies. We like them usually....a lot. :P Instead of going into detail, I'm just going to list a couple of my personal faves: Undercover Christmas, Thomas Kinkade's The Christmas Cottage, A Diva's Christmas Carol (Vanessa Williams, eeeeeek!!!), and Home By Christmas. These are so easy because all you have to do is switch the channel over to the Lifetime Channel!

I will leave you with one of the best Christmas movies of all time.....
Christmas with the Kranks: Disclaimer: If you have not watched this movie, I'm giving you homework. Rent it from a videostore or Netflix or Red Box, by it from the store, order it online....whatever you do, get your hands on this movie and WATCH IT!!!! Asap!! I'm not kidding in the slightest lol. You will absolutely love it! It is a movie that we actually watch year round we love it so much. Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen make for a memorable movie that you are sure to relate to in one way or another. Anyone with kids will especially like this one, I think. It is not a kids movie, but it will probably hit on a different level (their daughter is coming home after they thought she wasn't. Since she wasn't coming home, her parents had cancelled Christmas. Now, they have two days until Blair arrives at home and need to make Christmas exactly as she remembers it!). Please, see this movie!!

Tell me, what are your favorite movies? Seen any that I mentioned above? If so, what are your thoughts on them!? Do we agree or disagree? ; ) The comment section is open to talk about your movie favorites of the season!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts :D

Our song today is by one of my absolutely favorite guys!!! If you think long and hard, I know some of you can get it ; ) We heard this one last year, but it's just so....celebratory! Puts me right in the spirit!

Have a terrific Friday!! We have another fun-filled week coming up including a couple more interviews and giveaways! See you then!


  1. Fun post, Hannah! I'm so sorry that I haven't left comments more often, but I totally feel ya on the cat picture thing - that could be me right now as I'm agonizing over editing a paper for Civil War class tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM... It's not Friday yet for me, but as soon as I get this paper done and get some sleep I'll be celebrating, too! :)

    Funny story - we watched Elf this week in my Personality Theory class!! Love it! ;)

    Holiday in Handcuffs sounds cute, and I, too, enjoy Christmas with the Kranks!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!


  2. Sorry, Love, but I just could never get into Elf, not my kind of humor at all. I have the original version of Miracle on 34th Street on DVD, so I watch it every once in awhile. And I have never seen any of the rest of them. My favorite Christmas movie? Why Christmas Story of course! I mean come on, who doesn't enjoy the stripper lamp, or when he said fudge, or when his best friend got his tongue stuck on the post? And I believe my two other favorites are, Its a Wonderful Life, and nearly any version of A Christmas Carol, there have been so many different versions, well, too many to think of honestly! Love your blog, keep it coming!