Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2011.....

A big hello and welcome to everyone today : )

First of all, this is my 200th post!!!!!

Woohoooooo!! How exciting is that?? May have taken me awhile to get here, but we've made it to 200 posts everyone :D Thank you so much for giving me the support and encouragement to keep writing. I absolutely love blogging and you all make it worth every second spent on it! So thank you!

Now, I know this is a little early, but I'm having surgery tomorrow morning at 8:30am (think of me!), so we have to have this a little early lol.

In just three short days, we will be waving goodbye to 2011 and moving forward to 2012. It's a time to reflect, ponder, dream, and move on. I know my year has been kinda....crazy. Definitely filled with its' ups and downs alike.

~Meeting my bestie, Catherine Coulombe. I'll never be the same having met her : ) Sticking with me through the ups and downs that life has stuck me with has shown me that true friends really do happen. I love you so much, Cateroni!

~ Getting closer with a couple friends like Ariel Wilson. Ariel, you've been an incredible friend to me since we met. Not sure how it came to be, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love you too, girl, crazy eyes and all ;) Weddings <3
~ My first car accident - that's one of the pictures shown to the right. Very, very, very scary!
~ More medical drama

~ Almost getting kicked out of college
~ Very, very depressed
~ Finding the right anti-depressant for me and climbing out of my hole - No, Paxil, Lexapro, and Prozac did NOT work for me, but it's a good picture :P
~ Travelling to Europe again - That picture was taken in Wales this summer at our gorgeous hotel! While in as the Welsh do!
~ Beginning to review books!

I can't say that I have loved this year. It's probably the hardest year I've had to live through to date. The lows were lower than I ever thought I would find myself in; whereas the highs were good but seemed short lived.

As cheesy as it sounds.....a new year brings new beginnings. I really want to and need to take advantage of these opportunities.

~ Get better grades in school if I want to stay
~ Enjoy more time with friends
~ Take more pictures
~ Read and review more books
~ Be a better friend
~ Blog more frequently
~ Be more aware of myself before I speak or act
~ Be more assertive with doctors and try to find answers

One of my biggest resolutions this year, though I know everyone says it, is to lose weight. You've all at least seen pictures of me. I'm a big girl. I don't mind curves, love them actually, but I need to get to a healthier weight. I have this gut feeling that it is really going to start causing me medical problems, if not already has. I would love, love, love to go back to Weight Watchers. I lost around 50 pounds when I did it as a freshman in high school! Five years later and I've gained just about twofold what I lost. It is frustrating, depressing, hard to live with every single day. I'm hoping by next year at this time, weight loss will be in my 'what happened in 2012' spot instead of resolutions.

So....that's about all for this year, I guess, folks. In a short eight hours I need to be at the office for surgery, kinda scared about that! If you think of it and read this before then, think of me, okay? I love you all and I'll see you in the new year :D

Love to you all,


  1. Hannah Banana!
    You're surgery is going to be okay, having been through 2 myself and you have had countless, everything will be okay. Although I will keep you in my prayers about that and I will have to text you up and see how bad your texting is :)

    You have had MANY lows and some pretty awesome highs (me) lol just kidding. But all I want to say about this is that YOU MADE IT, all of this is only making you stronger :) God wanted you to deal with this stuff Hannah, and it was a struggle BUT you survived.

    I love you dearly and I am so happy that we have met and became pretty close friends. As we all know I need to drop a couple (hundred) pounds... If you want we can work on it together! I would LOVE to go for walks with you or something!

    WE CAN DO THIS. I love you lots and I hope that surgery goes well and that we talk soon! I know that you will be pretty sleepy but it'll be okay!

    Lets make 2012 pretty amazing :)

  2. Oo, pretty layout! 2012 will be just as great, I'm sure of it :) Who knows, maybe one of us will start planning our wedding! ;)

  3. Muah and muah to both my girls!!! Love you two!!!

    Just a quick response ARIEL - Uhmmmm that'd be you then lol as I have NO takers whatsoever, dahling ; ) And thanks, isn't it nice? I love it!

    CATERONI - You, my dear, dear friend are amazing : ) I love everything you said, everything! Thank you SO much for the support; you're a fantastic friend. Yessssssss I'm game for doing stuff. We're gonna kick this fat in the BUTT! So watch out fat.....we is coming for YOU, FOO *game face ON* ; ) We'll figure something out definitely. You're beautiful!

  4. You are beautiful too... Don't let anyone tell you anything else!