Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School!

Hey everyone!
Been too long, huh? I'm glad I've been able to keep in touch with you one way or another, mostly Facebook lol. It seems that everyone's been busy, me included. Just wanted to update people on what's been going on! I know I keep saying this but *knock on wood* I'll be getting back into the swing of things now that I'm back to school.

So Monday I moved back into school. I had been dreading it sooooooooooo bad because last year was a nightmare. BUT so far....*knock on wood again* lol it's going well! I have a new roommate this year, Amanda, and she is really great. The first friend I made on campus and the best one too. She is so fun, but we get work done too lol! She's from Chicago, so I'm excited because she will be coming home with me some weekends :) As it happens she'll be coming home next weekend to go to Tunbridge Fair with me! This is a true New England fair, people. And Manda has never been to a fair before! So I am reeeeeeally excited to show her something so important to me. Hopefully some pictures will be taken and I'll post them :D

Our room is double the size of mine last year! It's awesome! And it actually feels like it's partially mineeeeeeee. Soooooo nice. Here's a picture, not the best and sideways but it was taken on my phone!

This is my half of the room. Furthest away is my bed, Meeko's home away from home : ) Here he is:

Then is my desk with my printer this year, flowers and chocolate courtesy of mom lol and my inspirational wall hanging. I read it everyday and it helps sometimes when I get down. I'll have to do a special post for that, ok? Next down is my bureau. We had to put the tv and dvd there, but that's ok with me! I don't really need that space anyway. Lastly and you can't see it is my closest. I didn't have a closest last year because my roommate took it it's nice because we both have our own this year! (Hanging on the wall for anyone who may care is my Glee Gone Wild poster LOL! It was a cover for an issue of Rolling Stone magazine.)

Classes started yesterday, yesterday morning at 8am as the case may be for soooooooome people *ahem* Here's my schedule for anyone interested :)

Monday: Children and the Media 2-3:15
Tuesday: Lifespan Development 8-9:15, Art History 9:30-10:45
Wednesday: Services for Young Children 11-12:15, US History through 1877 12:30-1:45, Children and the Media 2-3:15
Thursday: Same as Tuesday!
Friday: Services for Young Children and US History (same times as Wednesday)

I also have a practicuum for my Services class. Most likely I will be stationed at Dartmouth Hospital which would be awesome! That's about 15 minutes from home so since I go home on weekends to work I hope I can do it on Monday mornings at Dartmouth. We need to do a three hour once weekly shift working with children. I'm honestly so excited! Lol I miss working with my kids : ( and so I need to get back workin with some.

Oh well, earlier I worked on homework, then dinner with Cat and Shannon. Followed by hanging out in their room. It's freeeeeeeeeezing here!!! Rainy and cold. So we been bunking up at night, watching movies and TV lol. It's good : ) Watched Dance Moms, now Roseanne's Nuts with Manda and Tiffany came down. Chillin' and eatin Doritos.....this is what college is supposed to be like, isn't it?
Talk soon!
P.S. SKYPE WITH ARIEL TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! Just sayin' ; )


  1. Does anyone sense her excitement, or is that just me? :P Haha, I'm excited too!!!!

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Yesssssssssssssssss of course I'm excited!! Been too long :D Or do you mean the school year in general?? Haha crazy lady!

  3. Hi Hannah
    Glad your new term is going well. I enjoyed seeing your new room. It looks great.