Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yuuuuuuuuum! Your Taste Buds Will Thank You If You Check This Post Out!!!

Hello again!
Wow! Twice in one week?! ; ) This is a special post that is dedicated to a special lady! Lol I wanted to do this post for Miss Ariel. Ariel, you've been such a crazy amazing addition to my circle of friends! We're soulmates, sisters, best friends, all sorts of things :P In all seriousness though, you've been here for me in the past few months when no one else has. We became fast friends and I will always be grateful for how open minded you have been towards me. We have a lot of memories even though they may not be in person yet, but one day we know it'll happen : ) Speaking of things we need to do together, this is for you, girl!

Hannah's Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

These are so yummy, easy to make, big, but sooooo worth it ; )
1) Melt some chocolate chips. I know this is vague but it really depends on how big you actually want to make your cup. I usually melt a couple handfuls to make sure I have enough.

I would suggest about 30 seconds, stir, 30 more seconds and they should be completely melted!

2) This is what your counter should look like:

You need your melted chocolate chips, favorite peanut butter, cupcake paper (YES mine is Christmas! Lol!), and a clean spoon. Now you will begin building your cup! Place a thin layer on the bottom, keep it about 1/2 inch thick or a little less.

Next put about a teaspoon of peanut butter in the center, as you can tell it does not need to be in any specific shape or size!

Lastly, use the remaining chocolate to completely cover the peanut butter. With this step you can round out the peanut butter if you want to. Whatever happens though, make sure the peanut butter is covered!

Now into the freezer in a FLAT spot your peanut butter cup goes!! I recommend putting it on a plate, which helps too.

And now the wait begins! Tonight while I waited I watched some TV and painted my nails BUT so you have some entertainment, here's some friend related things since this is for one of my besties : )

Now, are you ready for the big reveal?? Go ahead, open up your freezer, pull out that peanut butter cup! Wait a minute before pulling off the wrapper or it'll stick to it! Lol : )

Now dig in!! I know I enjoyed mine ^_^

Now to close this long post lol I just want to repeat Mr. Andrew Gold. Ariel, thank you for being a friend to me. You've opened up and really let me in, even though I know that can be difficult for you. Thank you for letting me be a friend in return, that's all I ever ask. I cannot wait for the years to come: trips, weddings, shoe shopping, even peanut butter cups!! Good times are coming for us, together and apart. I cannot wait to celebrate with you, but remember I'm always here to help pick up the pieces too if need be. I know we're a whole country apart, but distance? Meh. Who cares, we can beat the miles. I love you, Ariel and am so proud to call you my friend : )

Enjoy the peanut butter cups, everyone! But more importantly, go enjoy some time with your bestie!
Love you all,


  1. HANNAH!!!!!!! You are gonna make me cry!!!! :'D Seriously, this means so much to me, I cannot even put it into words :) We will make visits happen!!!! I don't care what your mother says :P I love you!!!

  2. Good, I gotcha speechless for once ; ) I love you too, very very very much! I never could've imagined how our one conversation would've turned out, then FB friends, then exchanging numbers, text buddy soulmates on top of having crazy amounts of things in common, Skyping (and tomorrow!!!), endless conversations, heart-to-hearts or that's how I'd classify some of them lol. Yeah, we're friends, nothing less. I could never have enough words to thank you, enough hugs to make you feel my love, so I will just have to continue to show you, always and forever. Love you too : )

  3. Well done princess, amazing post, thanks for directing me here.
    your friends are very lucky people
    Thanks again