Friday, June 4, 2010

Super Secret Post

Now, by this title, this post is super secret because I didn't want a certain person *cough Amber cough cough* to know what this post was about!! So......


So, in honor of your nineteenth birthday, we're celebrating with a party! We've got so many things!

Here's the banner:

We've got balloons, too!

Start whacking this pinata pronto!!

Here's our plates, cups, napkins, thank you notes (Amber, those are for later)!

Oh, man! Is that Renee I see hopping on house???!!!

*singing Happy Birthday*

We've got TWO cakes because you're just that special!! Blow out all the candles and make a wish!!

If we have cake, we must have *drumroll* PRESENTS!!!!

Since it's your birthday and you said you wanted to be one of these two character, you get to pick which you'd rather be for the party!! Don't worry I got it in your size ; )

Woody's your fave character, right?!

Something for you in your spare time *wink*

So, now all that's left to say, Amber, is:



  1. Oh my goodness! I was so close to crying just now! :') You are so, so sweet, Hannah!!! And what a super fun party!!! :D

    The decorations are great! (Do I get to bring the balloons home with me?) ;) And I'm whacking that pinata hard right now! *BAM* But I think I need some help to get the candy out!

    The plates and cups are so adorable! (And I'll be using those "Thank You" notes soon, believe me!!!)

    Here I come, Renee! Yay for jumping in the fun house! I feel like I just turned 9 instead of 19! :p Whee!!!

    I'm blowing out the candles now! Wow! Those cakes are delicious! (And after food day on my blog again, I was in need of a double dose of dessert!)

    Can I be Bo Peep tonight? I'm feeling like wearing a pretty dress! ;)

    Presents!!! Woo hoo! A Woody doll, too? How did you know he was my favorite character? ;)

    This is such a wonderful party, Hannah! I am touched beyond words. Thank you so, so, so much for this!!! You made my day! :D


  2. Awwww, Happy Birthday Amber!'re past eighteen now, one year into being an "adult". *grin*
    I hope you had a lovely day!

    btw, my kids are watching toy story tonight.
    :-) Great movie!

  3. YAY Amber!! SO glad I got you *wink*

    Just wanted to stop by quickly, Miss Bo Peep for the night, and wish you Happy Birthday again before I get settled in for the night.

    I will talk to you tomorrow for sure!!


    (Where is Renee?! I want her to come see this!! LOL! Wait! Isn't she on vacation??? *tears* Maybe she'll still drop by later.....)

  4. Thanks for coming again, Jess. Please feel free to have a piece of cake or help Amber with her pinata. I still see it hanging over there *points to the right*

    Toy Story IS a fun movie. If Amber'd known they were watching it tonight, she would've joined ya, I'm sure *wink*

    Talk to you later,

  5. Jessica,

    Thank you so much!!! My birthday was wonderful, and I'm so blessed that I get such an extended birthday--in the blogging world and here at home (because my family party isn't until Sunday!)!

    Hope your kids have fun watching Toy Story! I can't wait to see Toy Story 3 in theaters, myself. :D


  6. Oh, Hannah! Thank you! I hope you have a great night's sleep, and see you in the morning! (I'm loving this Bo Peep dress, by the way. ;) So pretty!)


  7. Lol! Well, you look so nice in it too *wink*

    So, if you have a Kohls near you....go to it!! Right now, they're special is Toy Story. So, they've got a Woody, Buz, and Rex stuffed animals. They also have a bunch of Toy Story books. Very cute! As soon as I walked in today, I thought out you!

    Girl, if you didn't take the balloons, Maddie (my dog) would go crazy. She's kinda afraid of balloons : P

    I knew Woody was your fave because I remembered from your interview of yourself the other *wink* LOL!

    I hope you didn't cry....I don't want to bring tears, although happy tears are....ok, I guess

    : D

    Talk to you later,

  8. Thanks, Hannah! I feel very girly! ;) (Saying this as I twirl the skirt and smile sheepishly.)

    We actually do have a Kohls now at our local mall! I might get to go to the mall this next week, so I should take a look. :) That's so fun that you thought of me! I'm now the Toy Story girl, I guess! ;)

    Thanks for the balloons and for reading my interview with myself! ;) That's so fun that you remembered!

    And if it's any consolation, I didn't cry. But if I did they definitely would have been happy tears! I just had to tell some of my family about your party for me. I was so touched by your kindness--it really was so thoughtful! Thank you!!! :D

    Hope your weekend is going well!


  9. LOL Amber!

    That's totally cool that you told your family. Lol! I've been telling my friends about you and the party and the Toy Story obsession *wink wink* They think you sound pretty fun, if that says anything!

    Yes, yes, just pop your head into Kohls! They're right inside the front door. Or here they are....

    What a becoming dress you've got there *touches skirt* Ohhh....and so smooth too!!


    Talk to you soon,

  10. Cute! Save a piece of cake for me. Do I take it Toy Story 3 is in the near future? :)

  11. You can definitely have a piece of cake, Jill. Since there were two cakes, there's plenty to go around!

    You betcha! Toy Story 3 is coming out a week from Frida (June 18th). It's Amber's favorite Disney movie though! She just got finished with her TS3 week on her blog, it was fun! You should check her out....

    Thanks for joining the party,

  12. Hi Jill!

    Isn't this party great? :) And as Hannah said, of course you can have cake! I really shouldn't eat all that by myself... It would definitely counteract the workout I just did! ;) Although I should be exercising more anyway...

    And yep! Toy Story 3 will be coming to theaters in a little over a week! Woohoo! :)

    Thanks for joining the party!


  13. Hannah,

    Thanks for the shout out for my blog! :) And thanks for mentioning my latest poll on Seekerville. I appreciate it! I think you might just be my biggest fan... Should we have jackets and hats and all that for my new fan club? ;) Just kidding!

    Anyway, I love so many Disney movies, I can't say for certain which one is my favorite... But Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are definitely near the top of the list! :D


  14. Lol, no problem! I wanted Julie to see and I have no problem yelling at her *wink* Those Seekers are tough, they can take it!

    Fan, yep, darn right. Friend, yep, yep, yep!

    Well, excuse me *long drawn out* Sorry for not being technically correct : P