Monday, June 8, 2009


I went onto the Wilbooks website today to check it out. I do not think that it will work for the READ program. I was searching their "card catalogue"(of sorts) to see what they had for books. They did not have anything when I searched first grade reading level and India. When I searched first grade reading level and Mexico, all it came up with was one book on New Mexico. Obviously, that will not work! However, I will still add the website to the links, so that if anyone wants to check it out they can. It is a good program, it just will not work for my purposes.

I talked to my guidance counselor again today and she is going to work it out so that I do not have to go to homeroom next year on the days I come down to WRS. This means that I can leave at about 2:15pm, instead of 2:30. This will enable me to have about 20 minutes, probably, with the children. I still need to talk to the teachers about the details.


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