Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special note...

Hi all!
Wow! Only one day of school left. Finals wrapped up today, couldn't be happier!

Quick update: The $500 came yesterday!! Yay! It's very exciting to know that we officially have the money. I will be writing a thank you note to Mr. Shoob and Mimi in the next couple days.

I just wanted to send out a very special note to everyone who has followed my blog. Some of you have been die-hard "fans" since the very beginning, where others have started after that. It doesn't matter when you started, though. I am so thankful for all of you the same. Without supporters, doing a blog would be rather pointless. However, I have supporters and it makes blogging so, so fun for me! Thank you so much!

I also wanted to put in a special side note for Mrs. Haynes. I appreciate you so much. You have been a tremondous help in every endeavor I have attempted. Some of the ideas might not have been the best, but you've stuck it out with me! I stand and applaude you for everything you've done. Thank you(I can't say it enough times!)!

Now, I know this sounds like the end, but it's really not. We are moving into the summer now, so I'm sure you all won't be checking as much anyway, but it is a bit of a breather(of sorts). I will still be sure to update new information, like when I buy the books and when they come, but it might not be as often as during the school year. I will have an official re-welcoming in the fall.

So, everyone have a GREAT summer, if I don't here from you. Please feel free to leave comments, everyone can now. I'd love to hear from people!

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