Friday, December 21, 2012

Reading Challenges 2013

Happy Saturday!
I have a side note from our regularly scheduled Christmas posts haha I wasn't planning on participating in any reading challenges again this year because well....they're A LOT of work. However, I had a few that really caught my eye and I just can't pass them up. So here we go, my list of reading challenges for 2013:

Auntie Spinelli is hosting the 2013 Sequel Challenge on her BLOG this year. It really convenient because you get to set your own goal for this one! I'm not exactly how many to do....I'm thinking I might set my goal at FIVE for right now, I can always add to it!

You can read the official rules and sign up HERE.

Isn't this one cool looking? Reminds me of all the museums I've been to lol :) I'm going to plan on doing the Victorian Reader level: 5 books. Once again, aiming low to make sure I make my quota! I don't get nearly as much reading time in college as I did before.

You can read all the guidelines and sign up HERE.

This button is GORGEOUS!!! Isn't it beautiful? I read Casey's list of her top 10 books read this year and I believe three were from debut authors so it pushed me to do this one :) Once again, you get to choose your goal for this one. The host has 59 books on her list :O Crazy, right!? I think I'm going to put down a simple 6, just to change things up ;) 

Read the official rules and sign up for this challenge HERE

I AM PSYCHED FOR THIS CHALLENGE!!!! I have to admit that this sounds absolutely terrific! There are so many books that are being made into movies right around now and many good ones that have recently been turned over. I'm choosing Movie Lover: 9 books and movies which will include:

~ The Hobbit
~ Anna Karenina
~ The Help
~ Eat, Pray, Love
~ The Perks of Being a Wallflower
~ Beautiful Creatures

And I'm not sure the rest yet, but I very well may go over my 9 quota! I hope some of you may join me on this one because we could have some fun comparing :)

Read the official rules and sign up HERE.

This one looks like something a few of you would love to participate in :) The first thing I thought of was Melanie Dickerson's newest book, The Fairest Beauty! This is the PERFECT excuse to read it ;D Lol I'm choosing the Lady in Waiting level: 4-6 books because I'm not aware of that many books like this. Will have to do my research.

Find out all the details and sign up HERE.

Okay, I think that is PLENTY to be trying to take on, at least for now :P Heading to update the Reading Challenge tab right after posting this, so you will be able to find all my updates in one concise spot there until this time next year :) 

Are any of you participating in any reading challenges this year? I'd love to know which ones!


  1. Except for the sequel challenge, I think we actually have our all challenges in common, so I expect we'll be seeing a lot of each other :) Thanks for joining the book to movie challenge!

  2. I can't wait for the Fairytale reading challenge! It's going to be great :D Good luck and I will keep an eye on your progress ^^