Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crafty Day of Blogging!

Good day to you, my lovely blogging friends,
Today is December 4, only 21 more days until Christmas.....crazy right?? Does it seem like this year went very quickly for you? Looking back on this year, it doesn't seem possible that we're back to the holidays. A year ago I was writing to you from my bedroom at Colby-Sawyer, this year things are very very different. Should seem normal, but I can't help but feel like I shouldn't be home already. Anyway, I feel fortunate that I'm able to enjoy all of our Christmas decorations more again this year :)

Our mantle and stockings!
Tell me, what are you plans for today? Me, not so much that's special actually, but that's okay. I'm hoping to spend some time between classes to rehearse for my very first sing-out (concert) on Wednesday night (more on that later haha)!

This part of December is typically spent decorating. What do you decorate first in your household? We tend to decorate the tree first, not sure why lol I guess it feels like the centerpiece. This year is very different in the Cerasoli house because Alicia is away at school until December 14. So unlike any year before this, I was in charge of putting every ornament on the tree. It was a little sad and took me a lot longer than normal! Lol but that's how it went this year. We also did the tree last! Whaaaaa? ;) But anyway, the tree is up, mantel is decorated, village aglow, nativity scene stands majestically, the Santa and nutcracker collections stand watch over the house, it feels like Christmas.

What does Christmas feel like in your house?

This past Sunday, I felt a little crafty after work! Hahaha :) Let me start off by saying that I looooooove mason jars. I just think they are very relaxed, but can be dressed up and there are endless possibilities of mason jar crafts. Don't believe me? Google them! Anyway, I saw a craft for what looked like a possible centerpiece for Christmas, I was thinking.

What it's supposed to look like #1
Or what it's also supposed to look like #2

What you need:
- mason jar
- pine branches
- cranberries
- water
- floating candle

1) Make sure that your candle fits in the top of the mason jar!!! Very important!!
2) Cut branches in appropriate lengths that are visually appealing.
3) Add water, enough to cover the branches and as high as you want. For example, you may want the candle so the flame does not go above the jar (you need a bigger jar) or more water so the candle floats at the top of the jar.
4) Add cranberries. These can be fresh, frozen, fake, anything really.
5) Carefully set candle on top of the cranberries so it floats.
6) Voila! You now have a simple, yet beautiful festive candle!

What mine looked like....

None of the examples I found used pine, which is fine, but it's so Christmas-y lol. Feel free to use anything green! It took me like five minutes total actually. Super simple and I highly recommend it. I was thinking to use this as a centerpiece I would either get a bigger bowl type base and put multiple candles or I would do like three different sized mason jars together. Thoughts?

Song of the Day:
You're probably going to think this is really cheesy, but I happen to think these girls sing the song much better than Justin Bieber lol!! I'd like to introduce you all to Cimorelli! This up and coming girls group is actually six sisters: Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani (oldest to youngest in order). They also have five brothers, all fully biological to one another! Awesome, right?? Their mom studied music in college and thus taught all of them from a young age. Every child in their family plays multiple instruments, has been classically trained as well. Anyway, cut to the chase, this is a fun, upbeat take on a Justin Bieber original, that I feel has been made tremendously better by these girls! Enjoy!

Link to Mistletoe cover by Cimorelli

So what do you think of them? Have I made any new fans here? Lol! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one as well.

That's all I've got for ya today! Tune in tomorrow for more festivities and maybe a giveaway too ;)
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. That was a cute project you did! I'm SO not crafty! And that was a great song! As for movies on my blog, I got connected with a company that gives me these opportunities. They're local, so not sure if they'd be in your state. =/ I typically don't get to review them, only give them away though. That's kind of a bummer. lol Merry Christmas if we don't connect before the actual date!