Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Claire de Lune Story


My friends, my friends how I have missed you! It's been a worldwind of a couple weeks. Sheesh! On December 30, I had all four wisdom teeth out - yuck!! I ended up getting dry socket in the bottom left tooth which resulted in a MUCH slower recovery time. It wasn't fun at all, but I'm feeling a lot better now fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally! Haha!

This is my first week back to school, started yesterday. I've got a full course load: Child Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Desire, Quantitative Reasoning, and Music Appreciation. I'm also taking chorus for the first time this semester. We met today and I'm so excited for it!! We're doing a Disney theme, so all Disney songs will be sung for the concert :D The only catch is that we all have to dress up as different Disney characters lol. Ohhhhhh boy! Right now I'm considering:

~ Minnie Mouse
~ Esmerelda
~ Queen of Hearts

Any thoughts? Lol. I think I'm gonna tell my conductor that I want to do Minnie Mouse, if that's taken I'm not sure which one I'll pick!

Okay, moving onto the title for this post : ) In my music appreciation class, Prof. Sanborn assigned a really cool assignment for homework! We had to listen to a song and write a short story/creative piece to it! Basically she's trying to use the song to evoke emotion and have use that to write creatively. I loved doing it : ) Very, very fun! Now go easy on me all my author friends! So many of your write and I....well.....don't really lol so keep that in mind!

Now for the story:

One final kiss.
She watches him walk away, backpack in tow. A silent tear slips down her face. Her one true love is leaving her to defend his country. She should be proud, right? Wrong. Her one true love.
Put one foot in front of the other, just keep walking. Constantly urging himself to put more distance between him and her. He had been one of the lucky ones to find his love and in the most romantic city in the world – Paris – of all places. Now, he was leaving her.
Walking up the steps, his heart pounding in his chest, he cannot wait to see her reaction. The butler answers his persistent knocks; she is not home. Curtly, he is turned away and told that she has moved on. Moved on? How could his love move on? Sullen steps carry him away.
Her hand lightly rests on the gateway overlooking the Seine as she slowly walks. He is always on her mind, though he has been gone too long to remember now. The hours blend into days and days into weeks then months, yet she receives no word from her love. Is he still alright? Does he still think of her as she does him? A sad, simple sigh escapes her lips while studying the golden sun dropping.
Sipping his espresso at a small café, he looks out across the Seine. His heart is broken. He gazes at the big, beautiful sun as it slowly melts into the landscape.
Okay, so what do you think? Does it sound okay? Technically we were supposed to write one-two paragraphs on it, but I just wasn't feeling the paragraphs exactly so I broke it down more.
Anyway, thank you SO much for reading!! I'm hoping to get back on track with posting now that I'm feeling better :) Got some reviews to be posting too, so look out for those!
Much love to you all, muah!


  1. Very cool, Hannah! Sorry about the wisdom teeth but glad you're doing better. And yikes on your full classload!

  2. Thanks Jess :) I'm hoping my teacher likes it alright! LOL! Yep, full course load but 5 is normal so that's what I have to take!