Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcoming in the Christmas Season!

So here we are once again, my friends : ) Welcome, welcome, one and all! Happy December 1st! It is officially the first day where no one can possibly stop my Christmas merriment from beginning! It is December, the month of this glorious holiday! Let's make the whole month a holiday, shall we?

Step in, hurry, hurry! It's cold out there! With a little bit of snow on the ground, but a sharp bite to that wind, you'll freeze outside!

Now as you step over the threshold, listen to that familiar song with a modern twist : )

Right over there on the counter is a Keurig, help yourself to hot cocoa or coffee, please do! Then come snag a seat before they're all taken! *settles into a big comfy chair with my steaming cup of cocoa* Oh, forgot to mention there's dog biscuits and bowls on the counter. Fill 'em up with water for all our cute doggy friends I know will be joining us : ) Maddie's excited to have some visitors!

Now that we're all cozy by our fireplace, welcome again! I am so glad to have you join me in these festivities! I think we all know how December can get.....Ariel and Amber: you're trying to finish up school so you can actually enjoy your holiday and some family time! Jen: You lucky duck, you : ) You finished already! Ruthy: We all know you're gonna be busy with all those lil ones running around! Pep, same goes for you! Kav: I'm sure you wanna spend some extra time reading! How's everyone's shopping going? Have you all started yet? ; )

While we're starting up, I wanted to make sure to ask all of you, what are your favorite Christmas songs!? What should I make sure is on my Christmas playlist on my iPod so we can hear it? Lemme know : )

On the agenda for tomorrow: We've already got a wonderful interview with one of our friends you all know and love probably! Can't wait for you to read, should be a nice way to end your week.

Once again, WELCOME everyone! Let the festivities begin! Happy December 1st!!!


  1. Love the cozy welcome! Makes me want to snuggle up by the fire with a good book and maybe some hot chocolate. :)

    Excited for December!! And thanks for the mention. ;) Just 2 more weeks of homework and papers and exams... I will survive! ;)


  2. Ah yes, the perfect winter night :) the books are coming, amber! Patience, woman! Lol

    You didn't tell me your song! Or songs :P

    And yes, you'll be fiiiiiiiiiine :)

  3. Hahaha, I know - I do need to learn patience! ;)

    And have you heard the song "Peppermint Winter" by Owl City? That's a fun one. :)


  4. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeed, you do! I can think of a few others who do too....hmmm....

    Nope, I haven't, but I'll listen to it : ) Sounds like it'd fit with my background right now for some reason lol. UGH I'm ALREADY antsy for Christmas!!!!

  5. I cannont WAIT to be done. 9 days after this one!!!