Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have some concerns. I'm not blaming anybody specifically, but there has been someone leaving rude, disruptive comments in the Cbox and in the comments section. I took down the Cbox because there is no way to delete the comments. HOWEVER if this continues, I will take away the anonymous commenting. Please stop leaving these comments as they are disruptive for this blog atmosphere. This is supposed to be a nice time of the year, which I'm celebrating on my blog, and I would appreciate it to stop immediately.
Thank you,


  1. Oh, Hannah, I'm sorry this has been happening! :( I hope the person will stop and that your blog will continue to be a happy, delightful place to hang out! You're such a sweet person, and I'm sad that anyone would leave rude comments on your blog. :(


    P.S. I'm sorry I still have yet to e-mail you! Last night I stayed up late finishing a book that I needed to review for today...

    Do you think maybe I could try to e-mail you this weekend? Sorry for the delay! :(

    Also, thank you for putting my party button in your sidebar! :D

  2. Yah, that's one of the biggest reasons I moderate comments. So much easier than letting that stuff get thru. I don't have captch, but they do have to wait to see their comments.

    I hope they stop!!


  3. Thanks ladies!

    Amber, whenever you get time. Don't worry! Seriously I understand how easy it is to get extremely busy and things need to get done in priority order. Trust me, this doesn't have a whole lotta priority :D And no problem!

    Mimi, I've been hoping I wouldn't have to do comment moderation. I know I hate having to go through the extra step of a password and everything, so if I can I'd like to stay away from it. However, if it doesn't stop, I may have to do that : (

    Thanks for the positive support!

  4. Do you allow anonymous comments? I think there's a way to restrict them so only people who have logged in can leave a comment. If you have the person's blogger profile, you can block it.

  5. Yes, I changed it a while ago to allow anonymous comments so that my mom and aunt could leave comments lol! They don't have a blogger profile or a google profile was just easier. : )

    And nope it's an anonymous commentor unfortunately lol...