Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sorry it's been so long!!! Book Review #2 (even though there have been many inreviewed books in between!)

Latte Trouble (Coffeehouse Mystery, #3)Latte Trouble by Cleo Coyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cleo Coyle has done it again! Mesmerized readers with her fascinating writing ability! There were many parts that I did not want to put this book down. Starting out with a bang there is a mysterious murder at the Village Blend. One murder, one seriously injured, and one attempted victim that is. Throughout the rest of the book there are twists and turns, but none hold anything to a major twist Coyle includes around ten pages before the end. You will be shocked, literally gasping out loud - at least I was! I was impressed with an attempt to rekindle a romance, a shocking discovery dealing with Clare's daughter, Joy, and what could possibly be next between the coffee shop owner and her mysteriously handsome detective. Can't wait to see what's next! Stay tuned for my review of the next installment Murder Most Frothy (not reading next, but hopefully within the next month). Bravo Ms. Coyle, you've done it again!!

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  1. Hi Hannah!

    How's school going?

    I see you're pretty excited about the new HP movie. I think I need to do a marathon watching of them all, I think I missed a few in the middle.

  2. Hey Joy!!
    Sorry I've been MIA soooo much, hope you're doing well : )

    Classes are going quite fine! Lol...however living here is not fun. I think my mind's pretty well made up by now! You know? It's not fun, I'm not doing anything special here, I'd just rather be at home. Ah well....we have tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, then Thanksgiving Break. When we get back from break we have 2 weeks!! Finals the week after that!! I only have 2/5 classes, so I'm done that Wednesday *breaks into happy dance* I CANNOT wait to have this month off!!! LOL!

    I am soooo psyched for HP! Except I don't think we'll be able to even attempt going until....next Tuesday, but that's still pretty close!! Ahhhhh you should've been keeping an eye on ABC Family this weekend, they played all but the 6th movie.
    Talk to you soon, Joy!!

  3. Hi Hannah :)

    I have one of these books on my TBR shelf, book 3 I think...should you read them in order? After reading your review I want to start reading this series now! lol Great review!

    I'm looking forward to the HP movie too. Hopefully, I can get my hubby to take me this weekend. :)

  4. Hey Angie!
    This is book 3 that I reviewed, just so you know. Ummmm I think you could read them out of order, but it will only help you if you read them in order. I'm not positive because I have read them in order, but I would suggest you do. They're really good! I'm not sure why I like them so much exactly, but I definitely enjoy them. Looking forward to Murder Most Frothy : )

    And lol thanks for the kind words! I'm semi-new to reviewing, so I never know how I should do it *shrugs*

    Well you'll have to tell me all about HP7!! Just no spoilers!!!
    Talk to you soon,

  5. Wow, I checked out the author's site and there are nine books in the series so far. They sound really neat. I'll have to check and see if my library has them. Thanks for the review.

  6. Hi Kav!
    It's soooooo good to be talking to you friends again!! Lol....yeah they're superb! ; ) Sorry, I should've included Cleo's website. I really like her website! It's really interactive. A little busy, but otherwise very fun! Let me know if you find On What Grounds! Can't wait for your review to come ; )

  7. Cleo is such fun!

    Have you visited her blog site?

    Q: Are you on Goodreads?