Thursday, March 25, 2010


Lol! Hi!

I am SO sorry that I have been gone so long. It's been really crazy here between my birthday, school "stuff", and tennis starting. So, I'm going to try harder to make it on more.

So, as you can tell from my title, I have some exciting news.

Drumroll please! *drumroll*

I am done my thesis project! That means that I have completely completed the project and handed in my thesis paper. It's HUGE! My paper is assembled in this order:

- Title Page
- Dedication
- Achknowledgments
- My Abstract
- Table of Contents
- Thesis paper
- Works Cited page
- Appendix

Now, you have to paper is 11 pages long. My appendix is at least double that I'd say. It is HUGE, to restate the said above *wink*

I feel great about it! I think it really is well done. On the flip side, I'm sad the project is done because I don't work with the kids through it anymore. BUT I am now doing an internship with one of the first grade classes and kindergarten classes everyday, so I DO get to work with them still! YAY!

Now that I've handed everything in, Mr. Streeter will bind them into books. So, once I get mine back I can take pictures and post them so you can see the final product.

Have any of you had big deadlines looming that have stuck with you? How'd it feel to get them passed in!? (I'm sure somewhat of a relief....know the feeling!)

I'll be posting another post really soon *crosses fingers* I have it all planned out. So, stay tuned! I appreciate all your patience.
Talk to you soon!


  1. WOW! You go, girl! That's fantastic news :) I am super uptight about deadlines. I hate them and I try never to wait until the last minute - horrible feeling when you know that time is running out! I love having things done ahead of time so I can enjoy :)

  2. Yeah, I HATE deadlines. As much as I hate them, though, I think they're good for me *wink*

    Thanks for coming by, commentor #1!!

  3. Congratulations, Hannah! That has to be such a relief, to finally have that weight lifted!

    I'm a true procrastinator, always waiting 'til the very last minute. However, I seem to work better under pressure, as I know it HAS to be done right then.

    I only had a minute to check in...I'm on my way out the door to the 2nd Bridal Shower for this weekend. I'm about pooped!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. {{hugs}}

  4. Yeah! Project is done--for both of us (:
    AND come show off your Kindle. I think they are very cool and would have one, but I only have time to read books from my library!
    --Mrs Haynes

  5. Lori,
    I TOTALLY know how you feel about the knowing it has to be done feeling *grin* You and me both, girl *wink*

    Well, as pooped as you are, try and enjoy it too! It must be loads of fun being a part of your sis' wedding!!!!! I can only imagine.....

    One last bit of advice:
    *breathe in, breathe out* LOL!

    Have fun, Lori!

  6. Hey now! I think there have been fun times during this project for BOTH of us (at least I hope so!)!! *grin*

    I had NO IDEA that you were a fan of the Kindle! be honest I was kinda avoiding it because I thought you probably DIDN'T like them! Now that I know, I'll DEFINITELY bring it in!! It's awesome : )

  7. Yikes, a thesis paper? I'm completely impressed. :-) Can't wait to see a pic! And happy belated birthday.

  8. Hey Jessica!
    Lol! Yes, it's my thesis paper for this whole project *gestures at blog*

    I can't wait to see the final bound copy either!

    Thank you : )