Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're havin' a paaaaaaaartay!!!

Hiya, folks!
Back again so soon ;)

Today is February 28. Today is a very special day, not just any day. Today is one of my besties, Ariel's, birthday!!! :D Wooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Lol :P

Okay, so she's not really all that into making it a big deal, but afterall this IS her 21st birthday and I wanted to do something for her :) So this is just a small get together to celebrate this lil lady's special day!

We're having a party fit for a princess! So hop on board, everyone, you've all got plane tickets waiting for you!

I'll meet you at the castle!!

Isn't it beautiful here?? Girl, good thing you like something so cool ;) Listen to that music too, sounds festive! There will be time to explore the parks later, but for now we'll stay here, hm? I think I see someone coming?

The Gang's all here!

What's a party without the princesses?

Dang, he's so stinkin' cute! Sorry, Ariel, had to include Chicken for myself :P

Tink and the girls wouldn't have missed this!

 This is SO cool!!! What a better place to have a party than Disney World?! :D How about some more music now? This is good dance music!

Ariel, I am so lucky to have met you. We tend to have a lot in common lol, you're an incredible friend, wicked supportive, and so much more. I don't really think I have the right words for it. It is unlikely that a tall, red head from Oregon and a not as tall, dark dark brunette from Vermont would ever meet, but we did! Not a day passes that I don't thank your friendship even if I don't necessarily do it to your face :) You've made me feel like I went from a zero to hero; helped me realize sometimes it's better to relax, breathe, and pray; and you know we both have the same dream for the future : ) Someday it'll happen!

You are truly a one of a kind friend that I never could have imagined I'd find. Thank you for everything you've done. You've been there more for me than myself even, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, let's keep going, shall we? Time for cake and ice cream!!! I didn't think that a princess cake was really appropriate for a 21-year-old ;) So instead, I whipped up this ol' thing....

Doesn't it make you think of.....Beauty and the Beast meets Harry Potter meets Jane Austen? LOL This looks like a perfect cake for you, Ariel, though there's so many that'd be fitting : )

"Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, weeeeeeeeeeee loooooooooove you!!!
Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come truuuuuue.
When you blow out the candles, one light stays aglow.
It's the love light in your heart where e'er you go" 

So Miss Ariel, Happy Birthday, my friend. You truly are one of a kind in the best way possible. I love you forever and always. Forever friends, I hope we'll be. In the meantime, remember THIS simple message : )
Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday Ariel! No better way to celebrate than a virtual trip to Disneyland!

  2. You throw some fun parties, Hannah!! :)

    Happy birthday, Ariel!! :D