Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Much Needed Post - Filled with a College Update and Tour of my Campus, Medical Updates, and Some Random "Stuff"

Hello everyone who's still out there!


Anywho, I am SO sorry that I've been slightly neglecting my blog : ( As most of you should know, I currently started my "new life". I am now at Colby-Sawyer College.

It's a HUGE transition and I would certainly be lying if I didn't say it was. There are many adjustments to be made from the good ol' days at home consisting of high school, home, grandma's, the shopping center, the elementary school, piano, babysitting on Saturday. That was my life and I was happy with it. Now, everyday is a little different and very different from the life I used to live.

I currently have five classes: Intro to Psych, Individual and Community (Intro to Sociology), Intro to Religion, Writing 105, and Desire. They keep my days kind of full? However, there is so much free time! I'm finding it very easy to get my homework done, so don't worry about me not getting homework done : P

The picture above is Colgate Hall. It is the very front of our campus, the centermost part on the Colgate Loop out in front of the school. I would argue that it's the landmark of our school a little bit. Here's the back of it by the quad:

I currently have three classes in here. Last spring when I followed an upper classmen I was informed that since I'm a Childhood Development major, I will have lots of classes in here.

This is the Ivey Science Building where I have a class. It's one of the newest additions to campus, I believe.

I think that this is one of the coolest buildings on campus and I know you all will back me up because of the crowd I'm talking to! Anyway, this is the library! It used to be a working barn. So the entrance is (what used to be) the silo. I think it's pretty darn awesome. Hopefully you can see well enough on the picture!

I'm staying in a suite, so that means we have two bathrooms (each with a shower and toilet), two sink areas (each with two sinks), an extra storage area in the middle of the suite, a kitchen area with lots of cupboards, a sink, table with four chairs, and a TV (that no longer works : ( ). Then there are six bedrooms off of the "main" part. There are four of us freshman (including me) and then seven upper classmen. It's been difficult adjusting to the living arrangements, but it's okay. I think I'll be able to handle it, it's just not ideal (that would be home! Lol!).

So, that's kind of college life wrapped up pretty quickly, lol! Now for the medical update. A little over a week ago I visited my rheumatologist because it was time for a check-up. My wrists had been bothering, but especially my left one. So, he decided to give me a cortisone injection right about there:

Except on the left wrist, of course. It wasn't too, too terrible getting the shot, but since then I have been in a lot of pain! It's relentless. So, he wanted me to get x-rays, start taking prednisone, and go for physical therapy. The x-rays came back fine, the prednisone doesn't really seem to be helping, and I go for the therapy on Monday morning, 8 am! Yay...so there's new news, but not at the same time lol!

There's also been something else going on, nonerelated to the arthritis, but I have to go for a test on Thursday and I got some blood work done. So we're waiting to find out if the doctor's suspicions are right.

Yes, I'm still reading Wicked! I'm actually over halfway now, but it's been super difficult trying to find reading time here : ( I'm also participating in Joy's Christian Book Club, so this month we're reading Havah by Tosca Lee. You all should check it out (both the club and the book!)! I am also reading Children of the Alley by Naguib Mahfouz for my Religion class. It's actually much more interesting than it sounds : )

I'm still trying to find time to finish up the Blogger Awards Banquet. Be on the lookout for it because I feel like I'm really close to finishing it! Now I just need to make sure I remember all the awards I have to include, lol!!

Okay, once again I appreciate all of you guys for your constant support and for not giving up on me. I think that once I get into the swing of things here, I can get back to posting more regularly, but I'm not exactly sure what I will be posting! Ah well, it will be figured out soon enough : )

Thanks again! I've missed you all so, so much!!!


  1. What a pretty college campus you have! But I have to ask, what is the class called Desire about?!

    Praying that the doctors get to the bottom of what's going on for you.


  2. Lol, Joy! It's about pretty much what it sounds like. What we, as humans, desire. It compares Eastern and Western civilizations. We've been studying the Bible a lot right now and creation stories. In a more general sense it's like a big World Literature class. It's pretty good so far! Lol...

    And thank you. I do really like the campus too!

    Thanks, we'll have more answers by the end of this week I'm hoping, but maybe not until next week : (
    Talk to you soon!

  3. Wow, you have a lot going on! I hope the blood tests go well and that whatever it is, they can fix.
    Very cool about your new college life! Enjoy!

  4. Hi
    Thanks so much for your comment on the Rachel Tucker blog. I am glad my review reminded you of your trip to London and your enjoyment of seeing 'Wicked'3 times! I was interested to read your post about it all. I hope you can visit London soon and see the show again. I definately live nearer than you! We can get to London in 2 hours by train but it's expensive. To drive down it takes about 5 hours. My Mum and I are hoping to see the show again at Christmas but my Dad doesn't know yet. LOL.
    Your college looks lovely. I hope to visit your part of the US one day. I have visited Florida twice already. If it's ok I will come back soon and read about how you are getting on there.

  5. Two Jessica's visited while I was gone, lol!

    Jess N. - Thanks for stopping by again! Yeah it's an adjustment : S
    We're crossing our fingers about everything going on right now. I'm excited to just get some definite answers, you know? Ah well, we'll know soon. Thanks!

    Jessica - Hey! It was very exciting to see that you'd stopped by : )

    Oh man, you don't even know how bad my sister's and my longing to go back is! We watch videos and listen to the music all the time! If we thought we were obsessed before, we're in trouble now, lol....

    You're SO lucky to be going again! Merry Christmas to you. Your situation sounds really similar to ours here. Wicked is playing in Boston, Massachusetts, which is about 2 1/2 hours from home (by car). So to get to Boston, get tickets, and other expenses once we're there, it would be SOOOO expensive! Lol...plus it's much harder to get tickets here then over there from our experience. We also saw Phantom of the Opera and Billy Eliott (front row!!) during that week we were in London, lol! Did I mention we saw Wicked front row twice!?!? Oh for the day we get back....

    You should definitely come and visit New England! Lol....I live in Vermont, but my school is in New Hampshire. It really is a nice part of the country, I think at least : ) Florida's good, but extremely different from New England!!

    Please come back anytime! Or you can feel free to email me at hccelie[at]gmail[dot]com if you'd rather talk through email. I'd love to keep in touch, you seem like a really nice person! Plus, I'm going to HAVE to hear about Wicked after you see it again, maybe share some pictures to take off the edge of this addiction : P

    Ah well! Talk with you soon!

  6. Haha, I was wondering when you were gonna blog again =P Your campus is absolutely beautiful, I'm so jealous. I love the look of those schools.

    I hope your classes are going well so far =)


  7. Awww thanks, Meg!! Yeah sorry I haven't gotten over to your blog : ( Actually I did read your last post, but I didn't have time to comment, sorry!! I hope you're feeling lots better by now. It doesn't sound like a very fun surgery at all : (

    Well, you should just come to CSC then!! Lol....it is really pretty here!

    Thanks, they are. It's definitely not the classes that are the hard part about college....hope everything's going well for you too! Feel better!

  8. Haha that's alright, I figured if you weren't even posting, there was probably little chance you were reading my blog haha. I'm feeling a bit better, but yeah, that surgery was pretty rough.

    Lol it definitely makes me want to come there.

    That's true haha, hope you're having fun. =)


  9. wow, lots of changes and challenges in your life all happening at the same time! Your campus looks storybook perfect! It must inspire learning! I'll be praying for your health and happiness, Hannah.