Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Alicia Cerasoli, my sister!!

Yo yo yo all my sister's peeps out there! So Hola chicas...and gents, I'm Alicia, Hannah's younger and crazzzzy sista! I go by Alicia, Ali, Wiz, Wizzie, Sunflower, Leash, or whatever other name floats your boat! So once HM (Hannah) and I found out we were going on this summer's European trip, we decided that we were going to make a few videos! Tonight after dinner we were discussing the idea again and I suggested making some "vblogs." Hence our first vblog baby was born! So anybody reading this betterrrrrrr watch this video! I hope you all enjoy our first ever vblog, its very hilarious! DOnt miss out!
I believe thats all from me for now. Peace out all you girl and guy scouts! TTYL XOXO Ali

If you need the link: VBlog #1

Hannah here again! Okay so she warned you, she's a little crazy, but that's okay right? ; ) Makes it all the more fun! Anyway, we hope for this to be a series of posts to illustrate our wonderful European journey and we wanted all of you to tag along as well! Stay tuned for adventures at the Gliffaes Hotel and the Royal Welsh Show in Wales, footage with the celebrities at Madame Tussaud's, skylight views from the London Eye,
our HIGH level of excitement outside of the Billy Elliot and Wicked theaters, then who knows what
you will see from the Isle of Jersey! Lol! We're really very excited to be doing this and then sharing it all with you. We hope there is a high response to this because it will make doing it even more fun!

Can't wait for it all to happen! Lots of love, stay tuned!


  1. Hi Hannah & Alicia
    LOVED your first vlog post. I hope you do lots more :) Are you all packed now? Remember to bring your umbrella! I wish you all a safe journey and a wonderful trip. So sorry again our plans didn't work out :( I will be thinking of you all week and excited to hear all about it.

  2. Thanks Mum lol. We're about all packed, yup! Oh yes, we have umbrellas. We've heard about your rain, but at least it's a break from our 90 degree plus heat! Yeah, I'm still really upset about the plans. Really wish it could've happened because I can 100% guarantee you that we will not be in London or that area again anytime soon. We're really lucky that Grampa agreed to go back this summer because he didn't like it last summer. Yeah, trust me you'll be on my mind a lot as well.
    Thanks. Love back,

  3. Sounds like a very exciting trip!! Hope you all have a fabulous time! :D


  4. What a fun video! I love the comraderie (sp?) between you girls. I really missed out not having a sister. Have fun ladies. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. :)